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What is a DRIP campaign as it relates to the world of Real Estate?

Published February 29, 2016 by Real Estate Leads

RealEsateLeadsDripping is a drip email campaign application. The following explanation will help get you attaining more leads delivered uniquely to you through this service.

The drip email campaign process…

Our service goes beyond bringing in leads directly to your account and inbox. Our drip email campaign service is the best known way for you to keep in touch with leads and prospects that might not be quite ready to take the next step in the buying process. The emails our system sends are branded with your name, your company name, your logo (optional) and a link back to your agent website in which you specify; so as to not be forgotten about in their minds.

So, how does it work?

Prospects visit the advertising pages that we create for your lead campaign; prospects in real-time are driven to these pages through our business relationships with search engines.

Once a prospect enters their information through the online forms we advertise, the prospects are automatically added to your database and to your drip email campaign; and then they will begin receiving follow-up emails at predetermined intervals. These emails also contain helpful information.

These email “drips” will generate return visits to your agent site, greatly increasing the odds that your prospect will contact you directly, when they are ready to buy or sell. Drip emails are therefore an efficient & consistent way to keep following up; after you have received a new lead.

Both home buyer & seller leads are generated by our system. Buyer leads are funneled in a similar manner through advertising on websites that are most likely to be visited by those considering the purchase of a home. Selling leads are brought in by techniques such as: advertising a free home evaluation through a network of sites that showcase newly listed homes, housing market trends information on the purchase of foreclosures, etc. The process matches up sufficient criteria, it is then passed along to you. The person/couple will automatically receive an introductory email from you thanking them from you, and also to provide them with listings that match their search criteria for the area they have specified.

How did our service become in demand by agents all over Canada? In other words, why wouldn’t these leads have already looked up a local agent? Well in this age, rather than make a call to a local brokerage as their first move, prospective sellers & buyers typically are first found collecting information and researching over the internet prior to reaching out to an agent. People generally tend to want to be at least somewhat knowledgeable before speaking with an agent. With our expertise with search engine rankings and ad-placement on lead generation websites we are able to funnel leads directly to our clients. Prospects are in turn pleased to have a notable professional real estate agent familiar with their area referred to them.

But will the leads I contract for also be made available to other agents? No – because that is our promise. Our service makes each particular territory available to only one agent exclusively. Other services could potentially sell a territory to multiple real estate agents; forcing you to immediately scramble to be the first one to contact them, but not with Your territory, is YOUR territory exclusively. We promise and guarantee it. We are very concerned about our future business reputation.

Ready to begin receiving a great amount of leads per month guaranteed through a monthly account with We only wish to maintain long-lasting business relationship with our clients, and you won’t be disappointed in the results, which is of course an increased number of monthly sales.


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An attempt to make some buying space in the incredibly tight housing market

Published February 22, 2016 by Real Estate Leads

The average price of a Canadian home sold this past January increased by 16.9% to $470,290 compared to the same month 1 year ago. Home sales were higher during the month, but prices truly soared. As has been the case for several years, however, two large and hot markets, in Vancouver & Toronto, skewed the national average higher.

Take in Vancouver & Toronto out of the analysis and the average Canadian home was worth $338,390 last month. In this pooling, the year-over-year average home sale gain drops to 8%.

If B.C. and Ontario were omitted, the picture would look much bleaker – the average price of a Canadian home would have dropped by 0.3% in January to $286,911 Over the past year, the average prices has actually declined in January in 4 provinces: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador. The average price gain across Canada’s 26 largest cities was 4.7%; the strongest was 31% in Vancouver; the weakest was negative 10%, in Newfoundland and Labrador (which is considered one single market and thus compared together to other cities.)

BC’s liberal government is moving to make some buying space in the incredibly tight housing market with a series of tax changes in its budget stated at addressing resident and consumer affordability and supply. Mike de Jong, Finance Minister, said rising home prices and limited supplies are major areas of focus in the budget he introduced mid-February 2016.

He says buyers & builders of new homes valued up to $750,000 are being courted with a property transfer tax exemption, while those who can afford properties above $2 million will now pay a higher tax rate..

De Jong pointed out the exemption of the property transfer tax on new homes or condos below $750k will result in savings of $13,000 for buyers. The government estimates it can make about $75 million annually by adding an additional 3% transfer tax on the amount above $2 million. He says the budget also exempts children from medical services premiums starting next January, a monthly savings of up to $72 per month for a single-parent family with children.


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BC government probing into possible insider trading fraud allegedly conducted by Vancouver real estate agents

Published February 15, 2016 by Real Estate Leads

Currently in British Columbia, an independent office charged with overseeing the real estate market is investigating suspicions of insider trading fraud by a small percent of metro Vancouver agents; the BC government’s Premier Christy Clark, Minister Peter Fassbender, and Superintendent of Real Estate Carolyn Rogers, announced Monday February 8th, 2016.

A recent Globe and Mail investigation, covering the practice of real estate agents profiting from speculation in Vancouver’s heated housing market, has spurred the probe.

Housing market critic David Eby has claimed that some real estate agents have been sneakily avoiding property transfer & capital gains taxes; exploiting a clause in contracts that allows for a series of home flips – potentially increasing the final price by hundreds of thousands. Also alleged is that some real estate agents have been helping clients hide the foreign origins of money used in transactions – by putting the broker’s location instead of the purchaser’s address on federal anti-money laundering forms.

He outlined allegations that some agents and investors were exploiting a clause that permits contracts to be sold multiple times before the closing date. The practice allows agents to enjoy what’s called a “lift,” or an increase in price each time the contract changes hands, as well as a commission on each sale; the final buyer pays the property transfer tax. Only the final buyer pays the property transfer tax, meaning B.C. is potentially losing out on millions in tax revenue and real estate agents would not be protecting the interests of their clients.

Eby sent 2 letters in January to the Real Estate Council of B.C. after a real estate agent emerged as a whistleblower.

“Both of these independent issues would be serious enough on their own,” Eby said at a news conference. “But together, with so many widespread reports coming from different sources, they lead us to the inevitable conclusion that oversight of the real estate industry in British Columbia is woefully inadequate.” He said the province has fallen “asleep at the switch” and could be losing millions in tax revenue, while allowing agents to have an unfair advantage in insider trading and defeat anti-money laundering protections. “There are many Realtors who conduct themselves professionally … and are valued members of our communities,” Eby said.

“The reason we have an independent superintendent’s office is that they are charged with ensuring that best practices are in place,” Fassbender said in an interview. “The government will take very seriously any recommendations that are issued. Any regulatory changes that might be required will be brought forward, and so we are encouraging that any issues that come up be directed to the superintendent or to the real estate council, to make sure the public is protected on every front. ”

Fassbender added the government will also take measures, in the upcoming budget, to address concerns about housing supply, pricing and affordability.

The council initially declined to investigate, stating in a Jan. 19 letter to Eby that “no specifics have been provided that would suggest that your informant’s concerns are warranted.” However in a statement on February 8th the council said it was deeply concerned by the allegations. An advisory group will investigate whether the so-called assignment clauses are being used inappropriately and if deemed so, develop recommendations to increase enforcement and oversight. The advisory group will include representatives from the legal profession, academia, and the business community.

“We realize that this is an urgent matter and expect to announce the members of the multi-stakeholder advisory group within the coming two weeks,” the council said. The advisory group will report back to the council with initial recommendations within 2 months.

The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada, or FINTRAC, is the federal agency responsible for policing attempts to launder money in Canada. Real Estate Agents are required to fill out a FINTRAC form for every transaction.

The practice of using the Canadian broker’s address on the form in place of the purchaser’s foreign address is what needs to be reviewed, Eby said.

Renee Bercier, speaking for the federal agency, said it is legally barred from commenting on any information it has received or enforcement actions it has taken. “That being said, FINTRAC considers the allegations made to be serious.


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Would you buy a 175,000sq foot 130 room Oceanfront hotel in Nova Scotia for $500k or this 1,000sq 2-br “knockdown” shack in Vancouver for 2.4Million – at current market prices?

Published February 8, 2016 by Real Estate Leads


The above, somewhat run-down, 20-year old Nova Scotia hotel recently sold for $500K (an abandoned project for lack of investment marketing or interest)

The below 86-year old shack in Vancouver is currently listed for 2.4 Million:


Instead, for 2 decades, the Aspotogan Sea Spa has rested abandoned atop a coastal cliff west of Halifax. The 5-storey, white-stone complex intended to boast sweeping views of the Atlantic from each guest room. It was intended to be a beacon of luxury amid the charming fishing villages that dot Nova Scotia’s pristine South Shore.


Building of the 175,500-sqft, 131-room resort started in 1992. It is located in the remote area of the Aspotogan peninsula just down the road from Chester, NS which is an exclusive village home to luxurious vacation homes of Toronto residents and Americans. The interior was never finished; it’s exposed steel & concrete was a reminder of the guests who would never come and the jobs never filled.

In 2014, the site was used by the Red Bull energy drink company to film a skateboarding video.

You can watch it here “entitled relic of a forgotten dream”:

It is so sad that it was never finished and now is intended to be knocked down into rubble. This is an example of insanity in this capitalist market. At the very least, it should have been have been completed by the government turned into a Canadian orphanage.

The ill-fated resort has been recently purchased by Halifax-based development firms Southwest Properties and Armco Capital. The going price for this entire Nova Scotia property? -> A reported $500,000.

“If you’re looking for a little tranquility and a lot of property and ocean views, it’s gorgeous.”

So For 500K, would you buy the above 175,000sq foot 130 room Oceanfront (inside not completed) hotel in Nova Scotia or a 1,000sq 2-br “knockdown” shack in Vancouver for 2.4Million (4x times as much money) – at current market prices?


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Easy Website Tips to Score Bigger on Google

Published February 1, 2016 by Real Estate Leads

Question: When prospective home buyers and sellers search online for agents and listings in your area, does your website appear in search results?

Simply put, the higher you rank in google, especially if your website can get on Google’s “Page #1” search results, then you are going to receive at least twice the attention and business as your less fortunate competitors. Of course if you ‘google’ your own name, and other agents show up first, then you are certainly facing a serious “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) crisis.

If you haven’t been getting the search engine placement you have wanted, then you could be in the same boat with search-engine-struggling agents.

While the computer code that search engines (we are mainly talking about google of course) that re-organize all those ever changing search results change all the time; there are a few proactive steps you can take to make sure your website isn’t shooting itself in the footer.

Here are a half dozen website design recommendation that will help your domain gain a higher ranking:

1. Page Metadata/Keyword wisdom
Years ago, website got ahead of the packing using techniques such as “keyword-stuffing” but now any pages with ‘keyword spam’ are penalized. However the different pages of your website should be optimized using appropriate keywords for each page. When people look for specific information, services, areas/neighborhoods, then they will be able to find it.

What should I enter in each field for each page of my website?

Title Tag – Create a clear and accurate title for what the particular webpage contains. If the page is about information on the “Burnaby” neighborhood, title the page “Burnaby Neighborhood Information” or similar. Avoid adding anything else, such as your name or your company name; it is best kept simple.

Meta Description – This is the advertising tagline of a website that show up on google search result descriptions; a compact, alluring teaser, of what the webpage contains. The description under 140-150 characters so it all shows up in a Google search result; without being cut-off mid sentence.

Meta Keywords – Meta keywords as the terms that you want to highlight to search engines for a particular page. Your meta keywords should be especially about the name of that area that you service. An important rule of thumb is to limit keywords to less than10 meta-keywords on a particular page; so only add the most important keywords – until 10 at most.

Meta Robots – Just as our warning on the page indicates, this option is for pages that you DO NOT want search engines to index, such as special landing pages you might create for a site, or pages that you have under-construction on your website.

2. Go mobile-friendly or bust!
Over a year ago, Google made a big change to its search result algorithm. So now for your domain to even show-up respectively in search results when your prospects are searching from a phone/tablet, then your website has to be mobile-friendly. If you need help on “mobilizing” your site, feel free to contact us. We would be glad to help.

3. Frequently update your website
Find some spare time to keep the content on your website fresh each week, or at least each month. Return visitors, even search engines, are not impressed with seeing the same content as before. Updating content frequently attracts search engines to re-index (to likely increase your site standing) your web pages more frequently. The easiest way to regularly add fresh content to your Point2 Agent website is by publishing and updating a blog; perhaps using a easy to use CMS such as WordPress.

4. Write in tune with your your audience and not for the search engines
Useful/quality information that visitors enjoy is much better perplexing content written in an attempt to outwit search engines. And the more likely they will be to share your site with others. The more the writing on your website engages you readers, the more time they will spend on your pages. Google somehow can also tell how much time people spend on your pages, in determining page quality. With better content, people are more likely to also share the link to your pages with some of their contacts.

5. The importance of social media
Your social media channels can appear prominently in search results, and can even help you claim more real estate on the first page. In addition to your website, your Facebook page, Pinterest profile or Twitter account might appear in the search listings; displaying to your prospects that you are a local authority & competent at marketing. Also make sure all social media pages link back to your main website.


Would you like to super-charge your career with 40+ fresh & real leads per month? Just contact us for for information on our Canadian Real Estate Lead marketing system.