We're a completely independent Real Estate Advertising Service Company providing our service to individual real estate agents or real estate firms, but we do not work directly with any real estate buyer or seller. In addition, Real Estate Leads does not receive commissions or charge fees for any real estate transactions stemming from the service we provide for real estate agents.
2. How does REAL ESTATE LEADS generate their leads ?
The process is not complicated. We have the means and know-how to manage hundreds of websites with investment in search engine placement and pay-per-click advertising with search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo. Doing so in a selective manner with an approach we've fine-tuned over the years, we generate thousands of requests for real estate services every month. There's more to it, but to keep it simple – you're a real estate agent, and we're Internet marketing professionals. You're investing in a service that's created and run by people who do this for a living just like you sell homes for a living. The method could be refined for requests of any sort, but here they're for real estate services and accordingly they're marketed to you – a real estate professional.
3. Why should I use your service ?
Because while any number of approaches will generate leads, ours generates quality leads consistently and we forward them to you without delay. Most real estate agents are busy folks for whom time and resources are precious commodities. You'll have leads generated for you with a fraction of the efforts that would be required if you were to generate them ‘organically.' You're then free to dedicate that additional time and resources to other aspects of your real estate business. We find that the appeal of that is pretty clear-cut for most real estate agents, and the growing popularity of our service suggests the large majority of them are very pleased with it.
5. What types of leads are generated and how are they handled ?
Both home buyer and home seller leads are generated by the system. Seller leads are primarily generated by advertising a free home evaluation or broker price opinion through a network of sites that deal with newly listed homes, information on the purchase of foreclosures, housing market trends etc. Buyer leads are generated in a similar manner through site advertising on websites that are likely to be visited by those considering the purchase of a property. The process we design for them to access information related to our ad is how we evaluate the lead. If it matches up, it is passed along to you and the individual will automatically receive an introductory email from you thanking them for request and provide them with listings that match their search criteria for the requested area.
6. Why wouldn't these leads call / have called a local agent ?
Times have changed. Rather than make a call to a real estate office as their first move, potential sellers and buyers typically begin by collecting information and researching these days. With the wealth of information easily found on the Web, that's no surprise and it's common for people to want to be sufficiently ‘in the know' before they speak with an industry professional. With our expertise with search engine rankings and ad placement on lead generation sites, we're able to place ourselves – and by association you as ‘the' professional real estate agent in the area – in front of these people on a consistent basis. They're put at ease by the fact we're simply serving as an intermediary, and they're pleased to have a professional real estate agent familiar with their area referred to them.
7. Brokers provide me with leads. Why should I pay for yours ?
If you're entirely satisfied with the volume and quality of leads provided by your broker, that's great, and you're very likely one of the top-producing real estate agents in your area. You may find however that when you work those leads within your marketing efforts, you find yourself A) dissatisfied with the ratio of leads that are turned into listings or homebuyers, and / or B) rather exhausted with all the time and effort you've invested in qualifying and pursuing them. With Real Estate Leads we do the marketing, and you can simply expect the leads to be provided for you. From there, you're free to do what you do best (and probably the part of your job you enjoy the most) and make things happen for your new clients.
8. Would the leads I receive also be made available to other agents ?
No. Real Estate Leads makes each territory available to only one agent exclusively. Others might sell a territory to multiple real estate agents and make you scramble to be the first one to be in touch, but not us. If it's your territory, it's YOUR territory exclusively. We imagine that's got to sound mighty good!
9. Am I limited to one territory ?
No. You can claim as many territories as you'd like with the understanding that you can manage them effectively. If your service area legitimately covers more than one territory and you have the means to serve clients there effectively, you are welcome to it provided it is also available.
10. Would there be additional costs to take on more territories ?
No. The system is based on your paying for each lead we provide, so if you claim additional territories it will be balanced by the fact you will naturally receive more leads.
11. Is there a contract ?
We have a month-to-month package, but also offer a yearly contract for a lower monthly rate if you are satisfied with our lead generation system.
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having excellent engagement overall with the buyer leads! Waayyy stronger than the Boldleads I had - even strong engagement via auto emails/texts! I predict a very busy summer - Keep them coming!!!
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