Real Estate Lead Generation: 8 Organic and Easy Ways

Published February 20, 2024 by Real Estate Leads
There’s the expression that even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes, but if you are working in any sort of sales or sales-related profession then you can’t take any type of cavalier attitude to the success of your business. A listing will fall into your lap from time to time, but you are 100% going to have to be putting much more hustle and initiative into the way you generate leads for real estate. You want to be drumming up leads for real estate in volume, because there’s no surefire way for converting leads into listings for realtors. You…

A Comprehensive Guide to Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Published February 20, 2024 by Real Estate Leads
All hands on deck may have been an expression that grew out of seafaring and naval experiences, but it has come to be used in all sorts of different ways when someone or something needs all the help it can get when it comes to finding a success. Real estate agents will only be making a living from working as a realtor when they are having clients sell and buy home through them, and that is not an easy thing to do to a sufficient extent. Effective and ongoing lead generation strategy is key, but sometimes even that is not…

Successful Real Estate Agents Possess the Following Qualities

Published February 13, 2024 by Real Estate Leads
Few people if any are successful right off the bat when they begin a career, and everyone will tell you it takes time, effort, and being smart about how learn and grow in order to achieve what you’ve envisioned for yourself when you decided to go into that line of work. This is going to be true of real estate too, and any realtor will tell you that you really only learn a very small portion of what the business entails when you take your real estate licensing course. So maybe it is here that we can say that perseverance…

Real Estate Leads: How to Find Them

Published February 6, 2024 by Real Estate Leads
There’s the expression that even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes, and it is to mean that sometimes things just work out favorably for you and what you covet comes to be yours despite the odds being against it happening. But if were are to swing this around and try to have it apply to leads for real estate it doesn’t work as well for a pair of reasons. First, a person who doesn’t have their sight isn’t likely to be working as a realtor. But that’s not to suggest they’re not capable of the work. Instead it would…

Real Estate Seller Lead Generation: 17 Effective Ways

Published January 30, 2024 by Real Estate Leads
It’s entirely natural that realtors will often evaluate whether or not they put their valuable time into an effort based on dollars and cents outlooks, and if you’re a real estate agent in Canada you’ll get our drift here. Not all real estate clients are equal, and while even the most successful and well-established agents will be happy to work with clients of all sorts it’s also not unnatural to have more a fondness for working with clients who are selling a home as opposed to buying one. Now some will quickly connect the dots to conclude that’s because there…

Real Estate Lead Conversion Strategies in 2024: How to Maximize Your Leads

Published January 16, 2024 by Real Estate Leads
Finalizing is a term that’s become quite the buzzword in business of all types over recent years, and in many ways it has superseded closing when it comes to turning a lead into a sale for by and large and anyone who does sales of any sort. It’s been particularly well adopted in real estate too and as it pertains to real estate leads here it really does highlight how a there is a real chasm that has to be crossed when you go from receiving a lead to having those persons by or sell a home. That will mean…

Optimizing Real Estate Marketing in 2024 with Drone Video and Aerial Photography

Published January 11, 2024 by Real Estate Leads
The technology that people utilize for marketing these days is really quite something, and it’s not surprising that real estate agents are keen to maximize what they can do with it when marketing homes they have for sale on behalf of clients. Much if not all of it is built on the Internet connectivity that we’ve all been enjoying for 20-plus years now. Visuals are everything in real estate marketing, and that won’t come as a surprise considering prospective homebuyers are always going to want to envision themselves living in a home and a community. And making good use of…

Visibility Interests in Better Lead Generation for Real Estate

Published January 8, 2024 by Real Estate Leads
The way it has always worked with real estate clients is that it is prospective homebuyers are the ones that are most often happened upon by realtors who are hosting open houses or occupied in other facets of doing their jobs. Homeowners that are living in the home currently and thinking about selling may inquire about the realtor they worked with when buying the home, but if it’s been years or decades that may be less likely. As a realtor there is everything to be gained from being made aware of these folks before they go looking to contact a…

Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies for 2024: Smart Partnerships

Published January 3, 2024 by Real Estate Leads
Here we are again at the start of a new year, and if you’re someone who is new to working as a real estate agent in Canada we imagine that part of your resolve as 2024 begins is that you’re going to have greater success in your chosen profession this year. If there is one thing you’ve likely learned over the course of the last year and beyond it is that real estate is an extremely competitive business, and there is never going to be enough clientele to go around and have every agent being entirely satisfied with the number…

Pressing Questions for Canada’s Housing Market Going into 2024

Published December 28, 2023 by Real Estate Leads
Here we are again with another year drawing to a close and with us having only seen for very small shifts in the housing market in Canada over the course of 2023. What we’re going to do with our last blog entry here for the year is to keep it a little shorter than usual and do what we did at this time last year and in 2022 as well. Meaning to have a look forward at what’s expected to be on the horizon starting next week as we move into 2024, and if there’s anything being foreseen as a…

Get Up and Go: 7 Real Estate Client Prospecting Ideas

Published December 21, 2023 by Real Estate Leads
A legit online real estate lead generation service is what we offer for realtors in Canada here, and as you’ve probably heard before anything worth its salt as a service likely isn’t going to be inexpensive. Our paid real estate leads in Canada are not cheap per se either, but the explicit reason for that is that there is quite a bit that goes into digging up and verifying leads for people who are genuinely ready to make a move in the real estate market. The reality is if we had leads that routinely went nowhere we wouldn’t be retaining…

7 Ways to Get Real Estate Leads Through Referrals

Published December 18, 2023 by Real Estate Leads
One thing is always true no matter what profession you are in. That’s the fact that having others speak highly of you can go a long way in having the person hearing that commendation come to you for services the same way the speaker did. Referrals are so valuable and especially so if you’re in business as an individual the way a real estate agent will be. The premise behind them is simple; provide excellent service and have your client be entirely pleased with their outcome and they’ll be inclined to recommend you to others. And referrals are always going…

7 Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads More Reliably

Published December 11, 2023 by Real Estate Leads
It’s as true as ever that nothing trumps the results of hard work, but when it comes to being successful as a person who is new to working as a realtor then it’s not always about hustling harder than others. You’ll be working in one of the most competitive businesses there is, and as a result you may have difficulty getting ahead simply by putting in more hours and working as hard as you possibly can to have your name very visible to prospective clients. The reality is that you need to work smarter as well as harder. Nowadays every…

Revolutionizing Real Estate: Unleashing the Power of Mobile for On-the-Go Lead Generation

Published December 4, 2023 by Real Estate Leads
It’s safe to say that nowadays eight times out of 10 when a person is looking at real estate agent’s site it is going to be through a mobile web browser device. It makes sense when you consider you definitely don’t need to be in front of a desktop or notebook to be on the Internet anymore, and many times the situation will be a prospective buyer or seller will see a realtor’s name on any type of promotional material and then google search with their smartphone to learn more about them. The importance of mobile websites has been talked…

Navigating Success: 4 Pros and Cons of Buying Real Estate Leads

Published November 27, 2023 by Real Estate Leads
It’s said that you need to spend money to make money, and even children would guess that realtors spend a lot on advertising when they see so many of them on benches at bus stops. So this saying is very true here in the same way it is for any business with a lot of competition where you need to be immediately visible to prospective customers. These days many realtors are adding to their marketing arsenal buying paying for real estate leads, and it’s something that wasn’t available to previous generations of agents because we didn’t have the internet until…