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Navigating Success: 4 Pros and Cons of Buying Real Estate Leads

Published November 27, 2023 by Real Estate Leads

Navigating Success: 4 Pros and Cons of Buying Real Estate Leads

It’s said that you need to spend money to make money, and even children would guess that realtors spend a lot on advertising when they see so many of them on benches at bus stops. So this saying is very true here in the same way it is for any business with a lot of competition where you need to be immediately visible to prospective customers. These days many realtors are adding to their marketing arsenal buying paying for real estate leads, and it’s something that wasn’t available to previous generations of agents because we didn’t have the internet until 25+ years ago.

There’s a lot of buzz about real estate lead generation, but some realtors may wonder how much they’ll really get out of it. What we can say to that is this; there are pros and cons to buying real estate leads but the pros outweigh the cons by quite a bit IF you can meet one condition as a realtor. And that’s that you can be a confident, knowledgeable professional with a strong understanding of the local real estate market who presents themselves well and is at least relatively well spoken. That’s what you need to be when you’re working to convert a real estate lead into a client.

What we can tell you is that the leads realtors get from our online real estate lead generation system here are genuine and come with contact information that’s been voluntarily provided based on a survey and while there’s never any guarantees with them being ‘hot’ leads it is likely that these couples or individuals will be open to speaking with you and what that does is give your first crack at presenting yourself as an excellent choice as a realtor. Get good at it and you’ll be growing your real estate business faster.

So with this entry we’ll explore the pros and cons of buying real estate leads and help you decide if it is worth it to buying real estate leads?

Buying Real Estate Leads – 4 Pros

  1. Fast-Tracked Lead Generation for Warmer Leads

One of the biggest advantages of buying real estate leads is the way it saves time and effort compared to real estate lead generation through conventional channels. Leads provided will already pre-screened and qualified, and that means you spend less time trying to find potential clients that are this level of genuine when it comes to the possibility of their buying or selling a home.

  1. Building a Wider Pool of Potential Clients

Buying real estate leads means your pool of potential clients will expand faster, and as you’d expect you will often be making first contact with potential clients who are very receptive but will be making their move in the near future and not just right now for whatever reason. Good realtors know that you can keep those leads warm by reaching out just once afterwards with the right message at the right time.

Make a good initial impression on these people and you won’t need to do any more than that. Give them their time and space and they’ll contact you when they are ready. Online real estate lead generation means you are going to enjoy a higher chance of finding clients who are interested in your services, compared to relying solely on referrals or marketing.

  1. Increased Sales and Revenue

This one will go without saying to some extent, but particularly for new realtors it is true that buying real estate leads is going make your new career more lucrative right from the get-go and for a lot of people who go into real estate as a career change that is really what they want to happen . By having access to a larger pool of potential clients, you can increase your chances of closing real estate deals and generating more revenue for your business.

  1. Subject Matter Expert

It’s entirely true that realtors also build their careers from the rapport they establish with other realtors working in the same brokerage. There are often career development workshops and other similar learning opportunities and talking about your success with real estate leads can help others who are newer to the business go through this same process you have when weighing to buy real estate leads or not. Keep in mind as well that over the years realtors who have a lot on their plate may even farm out a lead here or there

Buying Real Estate Leads – 4 Cons

  1. Higher Expense

The cost is likely one of the drawbacks that make many realtors hesitate with buying real estate leads. Lead providers charge a fee for their services, and it’s while it’s somewhat expensive you need to keep in mind that a significant amount of work goes into the Internet Marketing framework that allows lead providers to give you leads that have substance to them and legit potential to turn into a client. If it didn’t lead providers like us wouldn’t be retaining realtors who have signed up with us.

Still though, it can be a significant cost for some realtors and where you live and work may also factor into this decision around the expensiveness of signing up.

  1. Leads Go Cool

If every warm lead turned hot and was converted into a client then every realtor in North America would be willing to pay whatever price to be signed up to receive real estate leads. As we said, a good realtor can turn most of their warm leads into conversions, but there are always going to be periods when a number of those warm leads go cold and it ends up that you don’t convert the lead into a client due to factors entirely out of your control. This is the nature of everything in business, but there will be periods where you don’t have as many leads converting. Ebbs and flows.

  1. Lack of Control

You are essentially relying on a third-party provider when you are doing real estate lead generation online. This means you do have the have more trust in the validity of the service, and especially in advance of first signup. There are also may be times when it would be even more of a need to have leads becoming conversions but you’re in one of the period we talked about in #2 above and they’re not converting like they usually do for you. That’s the nature of it, and yes you don’t have any control over that aspect of the process.

  1. Added Associated Costs

Realtors working in more rural and less urban areas of the country may find that pursuing the real estate leads they receive from the service may mean they need to travel further than they usually do when working as an agent there. This can become a consideration, as if your lead is warm to the point that you’re ready to start traveling longer distances that’s investing your time and productivity and there’s real value in that. Added success getting clients from the lead may mean this trend is furthered, and it means added expense in operating your smaller-scale real estate business.

It’s fair to say that the cost of buying real estate leads varies depending on the lead provider and the quality of leads. Lead providers typically charge per lead, with prices ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars per lead. Some providers may also charge a monthly fee for access to their database of leads. It’s important to consider the cost of buying real estate leads in relation to your business budget and goals.

Sign up for Real Estate Leads here and receive a monthly quota of leads for potential clients who are showing themselves to be ready to buy or sell a home in the city or town where you are working as a real estate agent. Only ONE realtor receives these leads – you! That means you have the exclusive opportunity to reach out to them first.

Revolutionizing Real Estate: Unleashing the Power of Mobile for On-the-Go Lead Generation

Published November 20, 2023 by Real Estate Leads

Revolutionizing Real Estate: Unleashing the Power of Mobile for On-the-Go Lead Generation

It’s safe to say that nowadays eight times out of 10 when a person is looking at real estate agent’s site it is going to be through a mobile web browser device. It makes sense when you consider you definitely don’t need to be in front of a desktop or notebook to be on the Internet anymore, and many times the situation will be a prospective buyer or seller will see a realtor’s name on any type of promotional material and then google search with their smartphone to learn more about them. The importance of mobile websites has been talked about at length, but maybe not enough in these circles when it comes to online leads for real estate agents.

But those leads are always the topic of discussion around here, and so for that reason agents should know that the handheld dynamo they have in their pockets can be a good source of leads and just one of the many examples of the best way for real estate agents to get leads. We’ll still continue to champion our real estate lead generation system here at Real Estate Leads as the best way, but every realtor will do well to take a multi-prong approach to getting the leads they need to build a strong client base.

There are so many tactics and strategies that go into real estate lead generation for the purpose of attracting, engaging, and converting potential clients into qualified leads. They go well beyoond traditional marketing techniques and include the implementation of a compelling value proposition, attractive and well-designed mobile website, and landing page optimization. You will need to make changes to targeted advertising campaigns based on the increasing prominence of mobile web browsing that we talked about.

With tailoring a good portion of the digital marketing you do for online leads for real estate agents to be more geared towards mobile, you’ll get better results from your lead generation efforts. That will lead to a better sales funnel, and better growth and profitability for your real estate business

Know where to Meet Target Audience

The most successful real estate lead generation strategies begin with target audience research. After all, you can’t create criteria to qualify your leads without understanding your target audience and where are you most likely to have them see you in the world of mobile web browsing. You may have had leads dropping out of the funnels previously and not understood the reasons, and it may be that you weren’t communicating with them through preferred channels.

So the first option here in a discussion of the best way for real estate agents to get leads is to conduct interviews with significant members of your real estate audience, ones you have been in communication with previously. The focus will be what sort of motivations do they have when contacting someone who’s piqued their interest in real estate.

Create Customer Personas

With an understanding of that audience sectors’ pain points gained, you can then take the findings and combine them with relevant geographics, psychographics, and demographics to create a customer persona for online leads for real estate. Try to get very individual with your analysis, and along with traits that would be seen in all these kinds of buyers you can also look at where these types of buyers are best and more receptively contacted when you want to break the ice on real estate lead, or do a timely follow up on one.

Utilize Google Analytics

You can also gain a lot from learning more about your target audience and their mobile preferences by using Google Analytics. Among what can be gained here are overviews of customer’s online behavior, including how long a certain person spent at your website, where they found it, and which pages they interacted with. Anyone who spends a lot of time at your site and is interacting extensively with a page for a specific home for sale can be a warmer lead for you for sure.

Review What Competitors Do in the Space

You can also gain insight here by simply seeing how other realtors are putting together material they are aiming to use for mobile web exclusively as a means of drumming up real estate client leads. Take notes, and especially if you’re in any platform where you can see to what extent people are replying and interacting to the content – however it’s put together. It’s smart to do this alongside some simple market research where you can find trends that tie into what you’ve determined about the people most likely to become your new clients.

From here the next step and the last part of what we’ll cover in this entry. Your offers and they way you detail them to would-be clients will be different when you’re optimizing for mobile. Images will need to be formatted differently for starters, but the standard approaches will still be underpinning all of this. A captivating offer could involve a time-limited promotion that offers a discounted price or special financing alternatives for a specific property.

As always, trying to stir up any sense of urgency in replying is going to be good for whatever you come up with. And if these offers are going to be made available through your mobile optimized website for realtors it becomes immediately important to ensure that it features intuitive site navigation, full search functionality, smart social media integration, adaptable web design, and an extra-visible online contact that also has a line after submission that explains how you’re very happy to receive this from them.


Sign up for Real Estate Leads here and receive a monthly quota of qualified, online-generated buyer and / or seller leads that make up a dynamite way to supercharge your client prospecting efforts and one that comes highly recommended from realtors just like you all across Canada. Take advantage of the power of online marketing to fuel the growth of your PREC as a successful real estate agent.

Lights, Camera, Leads: Unveiling the Power of Video Marketing in Real Estate Lead Generation

Published November 14, 2023 by Real Estate Leads

There’s been a profound shift in the way people prefer to digest information and content over recent years, and what you’ll find is that there’s more of a visual focus rather than the way it used to be primarily with text. You’ll definitely see it with news online, and it’s very apparent in all sorts of other sources of information that are made available to people on the Internet. This can and will apply to marketing communications too, and as a real estate agent what you are doing when you are selling a home for clients is marketing that home.

You won’t need to have that explained to you, but when it comes to the best real estate leads for agents you may need to be made aware of how video marketing done right can go a long way in generating those leads for you. It’s no secret that video tours of homes for people who can’t attend open houses can lead to offers being made on the home when they wouldn’t be otherwise. The best way to generate leads for real estate agents may be to use an online real estate lead generation system like ours here at Real Estate Leads, but you should be expanding your horizons for sure when it comes to this.

And don’t think this needs to be something that will be a major added expense for you. You likely already have a good camera on your smartphone, and the video taken by it will be perfectly fine provided you find a means of having a steady hand with it. But the real key is in what you capture in the videos and how your present it. This is where you may need to take something of a practice-makes-perfect approach and understand that your first few attempts at real estate video marketing will likely fall short of your expectations.

Strong Visuals can be Convincing

The reason video is so valuable – in this context at least – is because would-be home buyers have always liked to envision themselves living in any home they’d consider buying. The difference is nowadays that becomes entirely doable and again it’s not something that needs to be expensive for you as evaluate the best real estate leads for agents.

So what traits of video marketing will enhance the lead generation process in real estate, and point you more clearly in the direction of people who will be likely to buy or sell a home through you? The recipe is fairly simple – strongly appealing and attractive visuals, smart placing in context, and the right narration to go along with it.

Real estate video marketing services may offer content like aerial views of townships, connectivity graphics for geographical visualization, a 3D virtual experience for the most minute detail of the infrastructure, customer testimonials, listicles, or other types. But again, you will make those decisions based on the type of home, the type of community where it’s located, and the type of buyer demographic that most often buys that type of home.

Analysing and addressing these points is key when you start to put together any piece of real estate video marketing content. The viewers themselves may become your lead, but it may also be a situation where they share it, and another recipient down the line becomes your lead. But all of this is dependent on the video being well filmed, strongly accenting the most appealing aspects of the home and property, and then speaking to what additionally adds value to the home based on what can’t be seen with physical attributes or any shot of the property. The last part of that means you have to be knowledgeable about the buyer demographics as it relates to the best way to generate leads for real estate agents.

Increased Conversions

An article in Forbes magazine some time back stated that conversion rates for businesses can increase by as much as 80% when videos are incorporated into landing pages. This likely holds true for real estate websites too, and these days every real estate agent is going to have a website of course. Your listings will have their own pages, and a video of the home’s interior and exterior along with the additional information we talked about should be featured prominently on each of them.

Video marketing enables the agent to exhibit the authentic appeal of the home using professional videography, and buyers like to engage this way. But it’s not just buyers who you may meet as leads when you use video marketing for real estate. There may be other prospective home sellers who are looking to work with a real estate agent who happen to come across your content and end up being impressed with your ability to market homes so well.

Another important consideration with your video marketing as part of the best leads for real estate agents is to keep the videos suitably short while still covering everything that you need to communicate through them. Keep language as simple as possible too, and adding text visuals on screen at key moment points can be a good idea too in case viewers may be hearing impaired. There are other times when animation and graphics can make a video perform much better.

Optimize SEO for Video Content Online

These days most realtors will be posting their video content online, and that’s where it will be given the largest audience for maximum effectiveness in promoting you client’s homes for sale, and your expertise and savvy as a realtor. Generating real estate leads for these efforts will go a lot further if you’ve optimized your content for search engine optimization, and what you can do even if you’re the furthest thing from a digital marketer is to write good meta titles and meta descriptions for your content.

Keep meta titles between 55 and 65 characters with spaces, and use the obvious search terms – ‘city’ real estate, ‘city’ homes for sale, real estate agents in ‘city’, etc. Do the same for your meta descriptions which can be between 140 and 160 characters with spaces.

Last thing we’ll mention for this entry is the similar value in adding video marketing content to emails as another approach for the best way to generate leads for real estate agents. Some believe that a video in an email can boost the click-through rate by 200 to 300%, and again any contact that opens up a dialogue with you and people interested in selling or buying real estate may lead to them becoming your clientele in the future.

Sign up for Real Estate leads here and receive a monthly quota of qualified, online-generated buyer and / or seller leads for potential new real estate clients. These leads are yours exclusively – no other realtor will receive the same leads that you do and that means you have the opportunity to be first in touch with these folks and presenting yourself as a real estate professional with the expertise they’ll want for buying or selling their home.

Open House Mastery: Turning Visitors into Prospective Real Estate Leads

Published November 10, 2023 by Real Estate Leads
Open House Mastery: Turning Visitors into Prospective Real Estate Leads

Open House Mastery: Turning Visitors into Prospective Real Estate Leads

Saturdays and Sundays tend to have an entirely different orientation for real estate agents as compared to other working people who have more of the 9 to 5, Monday to Friday arrangement. Weekends aren’t time off if you’re a realtor, and that’s because it’s on those 2 days that realtors hold open houses for the ones they’re helping clients sell. Typically they’ll go from 1 to 4 on either days, or both, and that’s because it’s the time of the week when would-be buyers are most able to attend. If you’re a realtor closing a lot of real estate deals with homes sold then you’re probably hosting open houses every weekend.

It is always going to be a part of the process, but the process starts with securing the clients in the first place before they agree to sell or buy a home through you. So in that sense the process may well start with real estate leads for agents, as it is rare for prospective clients to be reaching out to you first. More often than not it is you uncovering them, and that’s why in an ever-more-competitive profession realtors are putting more of an emphasis on being pointed in the right direction for people who want to make a move in the local real estate market.

Some of them will pay for online real estate lead generation systems like ours here at Real Estate Leads, and it is proven effective way for realtors to get leads. But sometimes nothing digital is required at all, and leads can be generated when realtors apply themselves differently when doing things that are part of the day-to-day aspects of working as a real estate agent in Canada. Open houses certainly qualify, and it is possible to gain leads from people who are attending these open houses. This is what we’ll look at here with our second blog entry of the week.

Expand Perspective

The first thing you can do is change your perspective, and by that we mean not seeing open houses as a means of selling a home. That will always be the primary focus, but you can also see them as a means to have meaningful interactions with people looking to buy a home or more simply browsing to see what sort of homes are available on the market at this time. Go further than that and see any open house as means of expanding your network.

Here’s a very relevant stat that will support this way of thinking; a survey found that around 40% of North American home sellers who use a real estate agent find their agents through referrals by friends or family, and 24% will work with the agent they did previously worked with when buying or selling a home. Many real estate leads for agents have their beginnings in word-of-mouth based on satisfied previous or existing clientele.

This is then paired with the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of real estate agents in the country, and more all the time. They’re all in competition with others to help buyers find homes. So if you feel an individual or a couple are showing promises as potential future clients as you talk with them at length during an open house you can’t go wrong with giving them your business card at the very least.

If they’re receptive to that then the #1 priority becomes following up with them. Ideally they will have provided contact info to you too, and email addresses tend to best as it allows them more space to respond on their own schedule when they’re replying to an email. Send one to them within a day or two at most and keep it short and succinct – greeting, we met at the open house, I’d be happy to discuss your interests with you further at any time that is best for you, etc.

That same survey found that 68% of all buyers interview no more than one real estate agent before proceeding with a purchase, so you should be quick to contact them and again and be somewhat persistent, but not overly so.

6 Tips for Open House Follow-Up Emails

We’ve established that sending a prompt and helpful follow-up email in a personable tone is advisable. Here are 6 tips for that:

  1. Short is Better

Being short and concise with what you write is important. Any type of longer block of text is going to dissuade the people from reading it through. Email brevity is directly proportional to the extent of your familiarity with your acquaintance. A good guideline is to keep it to fewer than five lines, especially if you only just met the person and had a very perfunctory introduction and talk with them. And despite the fact they did convey their readiness to be working with a real estate agent in some capacity.

  1. Add Personalization if Possible

Customized, high-quality follow-up communications are far more effective than any type of premade script you have that you send to EVERY potential client you meet at an open house. To achieve this try to be very attentive during talks you have with people at open houses, and make mental notes as the conversation goes. If you’re concerned you’ll forget them you can make a note in your phone after they’ve left and you have time to yourself again.

  1. Try to be Catchy

Information overload is real for people these days, and communication overload can be too. A formulaic approach to writing an email to potential real estate clients likely won’t get you very far at all. You can be that way with the first line or two, but after that you need to be communicating in a way that makes you unique in your approach and keeps them engaged. Be creative, and if creativity doesn’t come easily to you then you may be able to get someone to assist you with this. Remember, you’re not writing much here so it should not be too much to ask.

  1. All Actionable

So while it needs to be a short but smart email, it also has to include a call to action (CTA), which will usually be a firm encouragement that gd prospects contact you at their earliest convenience. You can emphasize the advisability of that by saying that time is always of the essence in real estate and in particular if the clients are looking to buy a home in a competitive market where homes often sell for over-asking.

  1. Keep it Going

This next step will be dependent on the would-be client receiving your email communications favourably. But if they are then some part of you email near the end should state that you intend to keep in touch with them, and that’s because you believe that your assistance will be valuable as they move forward towards buying or selling a home. It’s always a good idea to keep up a cadence of follow-ups through phone calls and video calls when possible, but that’s in your next step of actions after you’ve made the initial follow-up with them.

  1. Add Humour

People like to laugh, and no matter what type of communication it is if a person can get some measure of a laugh out of it at the same time it does wonders for making them more receptive to what you have to say. Sometimes it can be as simple as a funny image, and you can use your imagination here and you may well be amazed at what can be done with photoshop.

Create a funny image and one you think will make those people laugh and then insert it after the end of the body of the email, just above your email signature. Lots of room to be creative, and keep in mind that some people are more receptive to inappropriate humour than any other type. You may well find you get a call from them shortly thereafter, saying they liked the personal touch and found it quite funny.

There is a lot more to generating real estate leads for agents at open houses, but the biggest takeaway you can make here is just to be super proactive and exploratory when you’re talking to people. Like so much of what you’ll do in the profession, it is something you will get better at and do more naturally over time, and the nice thing is that most visitors to the open house will be very receptive to a realtor who seems genuine in his or her inquiries directed towards them.

Do all of this effectively and you will start to get leads from open house, and that creates the possibility for you to not only create new clientele but impress them with your level of service so they become repeat clientele in the future.__

Sign up for Real Estate Leads here and receive a monthly quota of prospective client leads that have qualified and determined to be genuine leads for people that are ready to buy or sell a home in your city or town. You’ll have the opportunity to be first in touch with them, and present yourself as the real estate professional they need to help them with the sale of their home or purchase of a new one. Get more out your efforts with generating real estate leads for agents and start right here with it.

LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents: Unleashing the Lead Generation Goldmine

Published November 7, 2023 by Real Estate Leads

LinkedIn is regarded as the top social media resource for career promotion and growth, and many professionals will speak of at least one or more times where they’ve made valuable connections through it that have advanced them professionally. It’s fair to say that promotion, growth, and success will look different for folks who have their career in real estate, as for a real estate agent the barometer for all of that will be houses sold for clients, or houses purchased through listing agents for your homebuyer clients. That all starts with real estate lead generation, and we certainly know a bit about that here.

We’ve talked at length about social media can be the source of a real estate lead at any time, but to be honest it is not anywhere close to be the best source for leads. That’s not to say that people who spend a bulk of their time on social media apps usually don’t have the financial means to buy homes, but we’d be dishonest if we said there isn’t any truth to that. We’ll leave that for now though, and instead say that LinkedIn may be the best one of them all for generating real estate leads. Is that in part because the people who are more active on LinkedIn have more of that financial means? Absolutely, but that’s also not going to the focus here.

It’s true that LinkedIn can be a real estate lead generation goldmine, but it’s not like this will be the reality for anyone simply because they’re proactive on the site for career promotion or whatever their interest may be. Our intention with this entry here is to put your more in the know about how LinkedIn can be used for real results with real estate lead generation. Pair every effective approach you can with the proven-effective one that we have with our online real estate lead generation system here at Real Estate Leads.

Super Mega

Specifically, LinkedIn can help you more directly and effectively reach the right audience, the type of people that qualify as potential clientele and may contribute to the successful growth of your real estate business. At the simplest level you may be the realtor they will think of first based on the fact you are the only one they are professionally connected with on LinkedIn. These days, however, that’s unlikely and everyone reading this probably has 2 or more realtors in their LinkedIn network at least.

So more is going to be required of realtors if they are to really take advantage of this resource, and that’s what we’ll look at here. We can start by saying that LinkedIn has a high lead conversion rate in comparison to other apps. Estimates for a HubSpot study put LinkedIn’s lead conversion rate at 277% better than Facebook or X. Why would that be?

Well, we talked about buyer demographics, and even though it might seem biased to say it the people who are on Facebook, X, or newer ones like Instagram and TikTok are probably not going to be buying or selling a home anytime soon. That may be because of their relative age, but you can be sure there are other factors going into that too.

  • Age / Career Status

LinkedIn’s demographics are more in line with those ready to be homebuyers and sellers. 77% of users there are 30 years old or older, and upwards of 50% of them earn $75,000 a year are post-secondary graduates. It’s easy to make the connection between these people’s life status and whether or not they are more likely to be a ‘warm’ real estate lead.

But again, you are going to need to be proactive in order to garner the leads 90+% of the time. That means publishing relevant content and establishing yourself as a legitimate expert on the local real estate market.

  • Higher-End Connections

LinkedIn is very good for connecting with high net-worth people. It is not uncommon for realtors to struggle with reaching high net-worth clients that can afford properties they have listed for clients. One of the great things about LinkedIn is that it features advanced business tools like targeted search system, InMail and others so that you’re better able to pitch your services to these valuable clients. These actions can even be as simple as searching for ‘real estate investor’ or something similar. You can filter by location, the company or organization an individual is with, their school, mutual connections and more. That same search tool may also provide a means of connecting with CEOs, managing directors or other persons where a mutually beneficial working relationship is very possible.

  • Better Engagement

LinkedIn is superior for higher engagement rates in comparison to other platforms. And what makes that most emphatic is the way with LinkedIn you don’t only get engagement from your connections, it can also come for their connections too. Let’s say one of your 1st connections comments on your post, and it is then posted to the network because of the validity and clearly professional nature of what you’ve added to the content. You then become increasingly visible and there’s more of a chance of further engagement with people that were initially beyond your reach. Some of whom may be keen to work with a real estate agent in the near future.

  • More Relevant Connections

Another good thing about LinkedIn is that it actively works to connect you with relevant people and businesses. This is because it’s functional identity for career networking, and as such it has an advanced algorithm that aims to put you in touch with people and businesses you’ll find valuable. This can include event suggestions based on your interests, groups, and what can be gleaned about the nature of your career or means of employment. And then it is at these types of events that you may be able to meet and establish contact with people who are considering the sale or purchase of a home.

Quality Real Estate Lead Generation with LinkedIn

It’s best to start at the start here; create a well optimized personal or company profile and make it have the appearance and readability that will suggest you as a solid choice for anyone who’s looking to work with a reputable and capable real estate professional. What does that include at a bare minimum? A clear and agreeable photo, a catchy headline, correct business information, and a custom LinkedIn URL

Then create a summary where you go into detail about how you help your target audience have the best success with buying or selling real estate and then explain your credentials briefly before moving to direct call-to-action, which can be as simple as saying ‘be in touch via (means) if you’d like to discuss real estate in (location) in greater detail’.

You can also ask your past clients for recommendations here, and good ones are gold on LinkedIn. Done right they are essentially your past clients telling your new and prospective clients how you’ve helped them achieve their goals. All of this contributes to even-better LinkedIn network building for a real estate agent. And what should be increasingly clear by this point is this building is not only just for a real estate lead, but also for potential business partners in the bigger picture.

Join Groups, Be Active in Them

You likely already know that LinkedIn has groups that people join to further extend their professional network, provided they contribute to the efforts for engagement going on there. Groups are a great resource for networking, events, industry insights, and more and you can message people directly in the same group as you, something that’s very advantageous if you are in a group related to local real estate and someone engages in a manner that indicates they’ll be buying or selling a home soon.

Make sure you publish useful content in these groups, otherwise you’re not going to have the identity you want here. It should resonate with your target audience and be the type that has the potential to give them real insight into real estate investments. You can also share other people’s content that you find informative and engaging on your page, don’t be limited by how much content you can create for the platform.

LinkedIn also has the advantage of allowing you to publish original long-form content and share it with your connections and followers. You’ll need to have more to say on any real estate topic, but if you do then that’s the indication of a knowledgeable and expert realtor and one who these prospective lead people will want to work with. Havign your profile feature ‘creator mode’ is even better and means you’ve done well in this area.

Get Those Recommendations

The most ideal scenario is for a realtor to have a LinkedIn connection who they have helped buy or sell a home. If you’ve already got one, great. If not, see if you can make a LinkedIn connection with someone you have worked with in the past. Most realtors will have already done this, but if not most former clients will be happy to receive your request and add you to their network if they’re a professional too.

Recommendations are big on LinkedIn, and there is a special section on your profile that is highlighted boldly when people are viewing your profile on mobile. So ask your past clients for recommendations and make sure they’re prominently visible there. This is an excellent way to enjoy better real estate lead generation results.__

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