Boost Your Real Estate Business with These 10 Social Media Marketing Strategies

Published March 7, 2024 by Real Estate Leads

Boost Your Real Estate Business with These 10 Social Media Marketing StrategiesYou’re going to find that a realtor is going to be pleased and keen to work with any type of client, and that is going to be especially true when that person is newer to working as a real estate agent in Canada. But at the same time we know that people who choose to work as an agent are going to have both expectations and aims when it comes to the living they earn for themselves when they are working in a very competitive business and one where you’re not going to have a pension at 65.

Generating leads of any sort is beneficial, but luxury real estate leads are always going to be preferable for the potential commission that can be earned. Our online real estate lead generation system here at Real Estate Leads isn’t going to be distinguishing one lead from another this way, but there are moves realtors can make to increase their chance of turning over luxury real estate leads where prospective clients are planning on selling a home that will have a much larger asking price attached to it.

So much of what goes well or doesn’t go well for people when it comes to marketing any business or service can be connected to how they’ve done with their social media marketing efforts, and there’s definitely a connection between that and the higher or lower likelihood of that realtor coming across high-end property leads where an owner reaches out and expresses interest in having them works as the owner’s realtor.

But utilizing social media for real estate isn’t easy, as if it was then most of the near entirety of the profession who are utilizing social media to promote themselves would be having equal success with it. We should keep in mind that there will be some realtors who will be living and working in municipal regions of Canada where there is no luxury housing at all, but the types of tips for generating leads for real estate through social media can still be beneficial for them too.

So let’s get into it, because as we’re sure you’ll agree there’s no time like the present to increase the viability of you making your living through working as a real estate agent.

Luxury Homebuyers Too

Home buyers who have the intention of buying a more expensive and more luxurious home are also going to be a part of the focus here. Luxury home buyers seek a unique and distinct experience when shopping for a home, and if you can utilize social media in your luxury real estate marketing to boost your visibility, credibility, and overall brand as an agent who is more familiar with the luxury home market then you’re going to do well for yourself on that end of the spectrum too.

So no matter whether they focus is for buyer or seller clients, let’s start here by understanding that the way billions of people worldwide are using various social media platforms has drastically changed how humans interact with each other. This has spilled over into business of any sort in the biggest of ways too. Communication and leveraging social media are vital in all aspects of the luxury real estate world, and social media can allow you to build your brand in way that is not at all possible with print media or other traditional means.

The best launchpad here is to begin researching a plan to build your brand. An essential part of generating luxury real estate leads is ensuring that prospective new clients understand what you have to offer is a package that stands out from other luxury agents. But – more importantly – that also makes clear that you’re more knowledgeable about these types of home and properties in the area.

As a luxury real estate agent, you know that luxury listings require a special touch. From the stunning photography to the top-notch amenities, every detail matters. But what about your marketing strategy? Are you utilizing the power of digital marketing and social media to reach your target audience?

Stats to Consider

  1. 44% of real estate agents surveyed in 2020 had most of their success with clients via social media, and only private referrals was even close as a 2nd source
  2. 82% of realtors plan to improve their social media presence to grow their business in 2024
  3. Recent realtor technology indicated 53% of respondents stating social media is arguably the most valuable technology tools they have for promoting themselves as an agent
  4. 74% of realtors use Facebook for professional purposes
  5. Clubhouse is a social media app that prioritizes audio, and there are more than 50k real estate conversation clubs that you may want to also consider sharing with clients as you aim to turn them into high-end property leads
  6. Around 80% of millennials of any age and 78% of Gen X first saw the home they ended up buying on a mobile device

Rooted in Online Presence

Continuing our look at utilizing social media for luxury real estate, if there’s one undeniable reality for anyone working as a real estate agents it’s that now it’s essential to have a strong online presence. It’s indisputable that digital marketing and social media are crucial for real estate agents, and that it’s something you need to do differently for luxury listings. By leveraging these tools, you can showcase your properties to a wider audience and build your personal brand as a reputable local agent who really knows his or her stuff.

For a long time it has been that digital marketing strategies have been front and center for finding luxury listings with pay-per-click advertising (PPC). It’s true that it does allow realtors to target their ideal audience and only pay for clicks that go through to your real estate website. This allows you to reach potential buyers who are actively searching for properties like yours, if your site is optimized to come up high in search engine results pages for search terms used by would-be luxury home buyers you’re going to be doing well for yourself.

Nothing’s really changed there, but now there’s more to be gained in the way of high-end property leads if smart and targeted social media real estate ads are worked into the equation too. Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram are an opportunity to showcase listings and build a following of engaged followers, plus using compelling and engaging content to attract the attention of potential buyers and build brand awareness for your business.

Ever greater numbers of them will be inclined to see you as their realtor of-choice based on the fact they’ve made a decision to buy or sell a luxury home. It’s both okay and understandable if you’re not familiar with latest trends and best practices with social media marketing for real estate, but in that even you can take some of your marketing budget and hire a freelance social media manager to work with you as a realtor.

If that’s the route you choose to go the focus needs to be on is a personalized strategy that maximizes your marketing budget and reaches your target audience effectively. Let’s now segue to the best types of platforms for real estate business promotion with social media, as it’s not just simply about creating Facebook ads and the like.

Platform Choices

This isn’t intended to be a definitive list, and rather it’s just us letting you know where other realtors are experiencing significant success with their real estate marketing.

x formerly twitter

‘tweeting’ has always worked well for spread branding awareness while networking, especially with the way you can curate relevant and share-worthy content that will inspire others to get involved in space-specific discussion, activities, and sharing that are conducive to you get more luxury real estate leads coming your way surrounding luxury real estate.


Facebook also has a good number of very usable options to serve as a real estate marketing tool. Realtors have success when they create targeted ads for listings in your area, converse with potential clients via Facebook’s messaging platform, and share high-quality real estate photography, videos, or even live-stream tours of luxury listings.


Agents who specialize in luxury real estate will do well to become comfortable with Instagram. It’s great for providing the type of high-quality, eye candy luxury home and property images, and it’s the reason that most realtors will be making sure their smartphone comes with a very high-quality camera.

Another big plus with Instagram for real estate is that it makes it easy for them to reach out via direct message or comment. And if you know how to use hashtags it will increase property visibility and encourage growth.


YouTube is a social media superstar for real estate agents who regularly upload virtual tours of luxury homes that they have on the market. Prospective buyers that like what they see will be inclined to reach out to your through the app itself or the contact information your provide on the page.

Expert Identity

The next thing we’ll say here in relation to utilizing social media for luxury real estate is that realtors do best when they orient their perspective to better understand that luxury home buyers are the same in that their buying or selling a home may be an even more of a financial decision of great magnitude based on what is going to be paid to purchase the home. It’s going to be different from the one for a first-time homebuyer or one who is elsewhere and lower on the property ladder.

Clients are going to want more than just someone with a real estate license. There are thousands upon thousands of them now, but they will want an agent who will protect their interests and help them navigate the complexities of property ownership. The agent they choose must be someone they’ll feel confident having by their side throughout the process.

Social media in the discovery of luxury real estate leads can be part of the picture here too, as when they are applied correctly there’s a more sincere, genuine, and sturdier avenue for dialogue, sharing advice, and building stronger relationships between all the different interest groups.

Let’s now conclude this blog entry by talking more about specific approaches and methodologies for building up a luxury real estate client base.

Promote the Locale as much as The Home

Homebuyers will be keen to learn of what you know for the good, bad, and ugly of each specific locale where they may be considering buying a luxury home. But real estate blogs simply give buyers basic demographic statistics and then a very perfunctory overview of the area.

The better choice here is to use social media channels to provide potential clients a far richer understanding of the markets you serve, letting them know the pros and cons of each neighborhood and what they can expect from the larger region as a whole.

Be Yourself

Realtors do have the option of hiring a writer to create their marketing copy, but if you’ve got even the slightest bit of ability to do it yourself you should. The copy and content will be more genuine, and there are consumer reports that indicate homebuyers and home sellers want to make a personal connection with the realtor they work with, and so writing your own authentic social media content that resembles who you are as a real estate agency is always going to be best.

In addition, try to make it so that your personality shines through across each social network you’re on. It’s a great way to open a dialogue with a client before they ever pick up the phone.

Make Buyers Explicitly Aware

Real estate agents always need to learn how to best share with potential clients. Talking about common real estate pitfalls makes buyers smarter, giving them a smoother browsing experience and qualifying them to work with you and social media is an ideal resource for this aim. Blogs are ideal for writing articles about home-buying tips, and the using social media to promote them.

Chat with Followers

Potential homebuyers today will expect their realtor to be ongoingly engaged with them, and that is an overarching goal for anyone utilizing social media for luxury real estate. These individuals are likely to be going online, using Facebook’s Recommendations feature, and tweeting at real estate offices on Twitter. Be ready for these communications, and work on improving your ability to answer them.

Respond to All Comments

When visitors post comments on your social media sites you need to respond to all of them in a reasonably timely manner. Remember a lot of people who reach out to you are simply looking for more information about a listing and depending on the nature of their inquiry they may qualify among luxury real estate leads. Also keep an eye out for any opportunity to pivot their interest to other properties if you think one might be a better fit and maybe they’re not aware of that yet.