How to Use ChatGPT for Generating Real Estate Leads

Published February 27, 2024 by Real Estate Leads

How to Use ChatGPT for Generating Real Estate Leads We really are right at the dawn of a new frontier in the digital world and the rise of artificial intelligence as it starts to become more and more pervasive in the fabric of our increasingly digital world. A lot of people find the promise of widespread incorporation of artificial intelligence to be unsettling and a source for concern, and that may be for good reason. But alongside that is all the incredible potential there is in making so many processes much more efficient and accurately oriented by using AI. We’re starting see how AI can be used in real estate too, and for real estate lead generation too.

Even the youngest and most tech-savvy realtors may not have the best handle on how all of that is possible, but that’s a big part of what makes AI so fascinating as it grows in its capabilities by leaps and bounds seemingly by the week. There’s a lot of buzz around ChatGPT for real estate. Many realtors who read of what it may be able to do for them are keen to pay for it the same way they’ve looked into paid real estate leads with an online realtor lead generation service like ours here at Real Estate Leads.

Now granted you can likely use ChatGPT for any number of purposes and being paying less than you would need to for automated lead generation here or elsewhere. But the tradeoff is you’ll need to be much more in the know about how to use the tool so that is does what you’re aiming to have it do. With paid real estate leads you are receiving a much more ready-made product for you to follow up with these would-be clients directly.

So what we’re going to do here with this week’s entry is look at ChatGPT strategies for real estate. Taking advantage of this new technology for real estate business building isn’t as challenging as you might think, and we’re going to show you how that’s possible.

Brainiest Assistant

We’re going to start here by suggesting you imagine having an absolutely free tool that can reduce the time you spend on many of the tasks you have with your business by up to 70%, including personalizing emails, better answering customer questions, generating better quality exclusive content, and even assisting with your SEO strategy. There’s so much that is becoming possible for business of any type with AI, and real estate is definitely no exception when it comes to what you can do in real estate with ChatGPT.

Of course what we’re going to look at here is how it relates to real estate lead generation and we’re here to show you just how this technology-strategy tool can transform your PREC business.

What is ChatGPT?

Before we get into ChatGPT for real estate we had better start at the start and explain the technology for anyone reading this who isn’t familiar with it. It is a cutting-edge AI technology that – among many other different applications – is allowing businesses to automate their communication processes with customers.

It uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to generate natural language responses in real-time, based on prompts – the term for the information you provide that the AI then ‘works with’ to improve the scope of knowledge that can be gleaned from it and refining the delivery of it. AI can improve the contextual relevance of your communications too, and this is something that is HUGE for business communication no matter what profession you are in.

These prompts and advanced algorithms to analyze data from customer interactions and generate responses in real-time, and by training on large amounts of data an AI can understand how people most effectively communicate around certain questions and statements and the way it analyzes they need to be framed.

ChatGPT has access to enormous amounts of data, and this is why it shows so much promise for automated lead generation. It draws from a corpus of more than 45 terabytes of text, including conversations, news, blogs, books and more and that volume is increasing all the time. This is what allows the AI to accurately understand and respond to a wide variety of questions and situations.

The last thing we should mention here before we move on is that when a customer engages with a business through ChatGPT, the technology uses this data to generate a response that is decidedly more a human-to-human interaction type of communication. It is easy to see how that would be beneficial for realtors and considering how many may not have communication skills that are commensurate with their ability to sell homes as a realtor.

ChatGPT for Lead Generation & Outbound Marketing

ChatGPT excels for improving and streamlining lead generation and outbound marketing for real estate agents. Here are some examples of how ChatGPT for real estate can take what you’re currently doing in these areas and make it so much better.

  1. Real Estate Lead Generation : we’re going to dig into this in MUCH more detail below here
  2. Customer Service : ChatGPT can be used to automatically respond to customer inquiries, freeing up your customer service team to focus on other types of tasks
  3. Content Creation : Generate better articles, blog posts, and other types of content with the help of ChatGPT
  4. Social Media Management : This tool does wonders for managing your social media accounts, responding to messages, answering questions, and you’ll have an excellent virtual content write to go at any time
  5. Sales Support : ChatGPT can help your sales team by providing information, answering questions, and even generating sales pitches
  6. Market Research : You can use it to analyze customer feedback and data to help you better understand your target market and make better decisions

With ChatGPT’s advanced AI technology, there are countless ways it can be used to improve your business operations and drive growth, and there’s a reason why there’s so much buzz about ChatGPT for real estate.

11 Ways to Get Real Estate Leads Using ChatGPT

  1. Cold Email Personalization with ChatGPT

Personalizing your emails and trying to find the best tone for making them the right mix of assertiveness and not being too-pushy can be a challenge, but with ChatGPT you can easily build and transform your cold emails. Done right this can make each email feel like a one-on-one conversation with your customer and increase the chances of conversion. AI can also help realtors by generating email lists with your potential customers to setting up cold emailing campaigns.

  1. Increase LinkedIn Engagement

AI can be used to make you a more regular contributor on LinkedIn, which can increase the likelihood that you’re featured as a realtor to other professionals who are using the app or are already a part of your professional circle.

  1. Better / Smarter Social Networks

We’ve covered professional networking, but we know as well that social media is a crucial part of any business’s marketing strategy and that will apply for automated lead generation too. ChatGPT can serve as your social media and customer support agent that answers customer questions and inquiries that come to you through your social networks.

  1. Better & More Unique Content Generation

These days there is so much value in having genuine, expert-source content that is optimized for SEO working to funnel clients towards you when you are working as a realtor. Creating unique and engaging content for your audience is essential for any successful business, and even in B2B Outbound marketing-based companies Inbound is a must.

ChatGPT strategies for real estate here can involve you planning to easily generate customized content tailored to your specific audience. Simply input relevant information, such as industry, target audience, and desired tone, and ChatGPT will take it from there, creating content that is both relevant and engaging.

  1. Adapt Blog Content for Different Social Networks

It is smart to adapt your Social media content to match the style and tone of different social media networks. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, ChatGPT can help you create optimized social media posts for maximum engagement and reach.

We’re not skilled with that either, but with an AI working for you it becomes possible to have your communications revised to be better suited for a more positive reception based on the user profiles for which social media platform we’re talking about.

  1. Summarize Long Content to Generate Smaller Lead Magnets

Easily editing lengthy blog posts, articles or reports into smaller and more approachable / digestible pieces of content is another area where AIs like ChatGPT excel. They can be used as powerful lead magnets for real estate agents. These smaller pieces of content are more appealing to busy readers and can be more easily shared on social media.

Shorter is always better when you’re writing for the web, and so many realtors are going to have an AI writing for them in the very near future. They are powerful tools that can streamline your lead generation strategy and reach your target audience in much more effective ways and resulting in more real estate leads being converted into clients

  1. Custom Keyword Generation for SEO by ChatGPT

ChatGPT can fully revitalize the SEO optimization of a real estate agent website as well as all their digital communications. With AIs you can better target and analyze your audience and industry to generate unique, high-performing keywords that will take your lead generation efforts to the next level. Providing the right prompts is especially important when it comes to using AI for keyword generation in real estate.

  1. ChatGPT for Compelling Real Estate Ad Copy

Many realtors may have written ad copy for Google Ads and had very little if any return on the investment they’ve made in those ads. ChatGPT can help in a big way here too.

This AI technology can bring you enough ideas and inspiration to make your ads more efficient, and you can have the AI craft optimized AD copy for you. From creating headlines and AD descriptions to identifying the best keywords to use.

  1. Better Storytelling in AI-generated Content for Real Estate

ChatGPT can also be a part of real estate lead generation through online content if it is used to incorporate storytelling elements. This tool can write for you compelling stories that engage your audience and create more of the type of impact where they will be inclined to contact you if they need the services of a realtor.

Blog posts, social media updates, and email marketing campaigns are all areas where realtors can and should be putting ChatGPT to work for creating better content.

  1. ChatGPT for Custom B2B Case Studies Showcasing Your Expertise

ChatGPT is also impressively capable with creating unique and compelling stories that are optimized for business-2-business communications and can showcase your expertise and resonate with your target audience. For example, you may want marketing materials that are more tailored to REITS that are buying homes as real estate investments for example. This is what you’d provide in the prompts you enter into the AI.

Better B2B communications can be huge for outbound marketing in real estate.

  1. Better Drawing

There may be realtors who are also good artists, but the majority of them may not be able to do anything more than doodle. The reason we bring this up is that while only some people can sketch and draw well, a lot of people – prospective real estate clients included – respond more favorably to anything that’s sent to them is a hand-drawn image of some sort is included. Some people will like to see something that’s cute, some people will like to see something that’s funny. Some people will like to see something that’s inappropriate. Everyone’s different.

Even if you don’t draw well, you can have ChatGPT draw cartoons for real estate agents, and then you can include your drawings with your real estate marketing materials and you will likely find some clients reach out to you because you’ve taken a thoughtful and creative way of approaching them.

It’s great to think creatively when it comes to real estate lead generation, and this is a prime example here. We imagine we’ll be talking more about ChatGPT for real estate lead generation here in the future, so if this is something that’s really piqued your interest then make sure to follow us more here.