Choosing a Real Estate Lead Generator in 2024

Published May 14, 2024 by Real Estate Leads

Choosing a Real Estate Lead Generator in 2024It’s a well known fact that the early bird gets the worm, but what if you’re a bird who knows where the worm is in that vast expanse of a backyard garden bed or elsewhere. Real estate agents are always going to be keen to be first in touch with anyone who is considering selling their home, and the same will go for anyone who is looking to buy a home in Canada.

That’s the source of their livelihood, so in a figurative sense it really is sustenance in the same way the worm is for the bird. Leads can be ‘dug up’ in any number of different ways, but these days paid real estate leads are a very valuable resource for realtors.

This has many of them looking into which one is the best real estate lead company in Canada, and that’s entirely understandable as many real estate agents are very cautious about how their marketing budget is allocated. When you buy real estate leads you will want to have some assurance that they are quality, genuine leads and that the individuals spotlighted with them are actually strongly considering buying a home or selling one.

Here at Real Estate Leads our online real estate lead generation system for Canada has those assurances for you. Part of the way our system is set up is that we determine the validity of leads to a much greater extent, and as such you can be more confident in following up on the leads and reaching out to these prospective clients. It’s very beneficial, and it’s part of why we are regarded as good real estate leads provider in Canada.

But paid real estate leads are always going to be just one type of the ones you can be generation if you really apply yourself. So what we’re going to do with this blog entry is provide you with the best approach to choosing a real estate lead generator in 2024.

Need for Leads

Real estate is always going to be a competitive business, and the realtors who get ahead are going to be the ones who are more exploratory with what works well to gain more real estate clients. Proceeding to buy real estate leads can be a part of that, and there are real estate lead generation companies that curate lists of sellers or buyers who are looking actively for an agent.

That service is provided at a price, but as an agent you need to weigh all of this from the perspective that your commissions earned on home bough and sold should always exceed what you’ve spend marketing yourself as a realtor in Canada and what you’ve spent paying for real estate leads. What’s to follow with be a list of the best places to buy real estate leads and when taken into consideration and followed up on they should allow you to make more of a splash in the homebuying or selling industry.

Look at Methodology

When considering the best real estate lead company in Canada, we think you will want to see the features that agents like you would deem to be the most valuable. Lead quality and automation are at the forefront for that, and to that end you will do well to evaluate the methodologies a real estate lead provider is using. Obviously sites and providers that offer qualified, warm leads are going to rank higher than those where leads tend to be colder, less well defined, and where it is likely going to take more effort on the part of the realtor to determine in the lead should be nurtured any further.

We need to also consider that automation is such a powerful tool for real estate agents nowadays, and a valuable one considering how busy most of them are. If you are working as a realtor in Vancouver or Toronto or another big metro city in Canada you are likely going to at 110% all the time trying to further establish yourself as a go-to real estate professional that people want to list with.

Automation can include any feature that sends out marketing text, emails or calls on your behalf, and this means you are more free to spend your valuable time elsewhere. You want to look for solid automation in your lead provider along with being able to see that the leads being provided tend to be genuine and warmer rather than cooler most of the time. But price is also going to be a factor in your choice, and in addition to affordability you also want to see a solid cost-value equation in your provider.

You may also want to look for extra features like an included CRM or personalized customer support when you are choosing the best real estate lead company in Canada. Often you will find that with a good provider, although for many agents a lower-priced provider without one may still make sense if they are able to utilize CRM software of their own to enhance their relationship-nurturing efforts with prospective clients. This is especially important for leads that are now warm but show the potential to become hot leads in the not-too-distant future.

With the right types of communication and reaching out in a timely manner and at the right intervals you can do better with converting leads into clients for real estate. A CRM can go a long way in allowing you to do that more reliably and if you can get one included with your real estate lead provider in Canada then you are already one step ahead.

Choosing Your Generator

As we’re suggesting here, choosing a real estate lead generator should not be exclusively based on price. Your aim should be on a service that pays for itself in the end. In the event it is too expensive upfront, offsetting your costs unless may seem like something you’re not likely to accomplish in the long term. But again sometimes more expensive services are worth it and this will always be true if CRM software is included.

Also be taking into account whether or not the service provides exclusive leads or not. One of the things we have always touted about our paid real estate lead generation service here at Real Estate Leads is that the leads you receive will only be provided to you. There may be other realtors receiving leads for the same city or town where you are working as a real estate agent in Canada, but they will never get the same leads you are getting.

This creates the exclusive opportunity for you to be reaching out to these people, and no other agent is going to be aware of their existence at the same time. You have the chance to speak / meet with them first and convince them you are the real estate professional they should be choosing to work with. This is in large part what finding the best real estate lead generation company in Canada is all about.

If that wasn’t the case and you are receiving non-exclusive leads you’ll need to be much more rushed and less tactical in the way you approach these prospective clients. There is nothing advantageous about that at all. The ability to focus your lead buys in a specific neighborhood or ZIP code is also important for building your expertise in a certain locality.

It is true that some realtor lead services conduct the messaging for you automatically, and it is true this can be a huge time saver when you’re already working with other clients. But you need to understand and be critical of how that contact is made. If it is only done by email then you may want to take the initiative and reach out with text messaging or phone marketing too. Try to find a service that matches your preferred contact method so the client can learn what to expect when working with you.

Options for Profitability

When you buy real estate leads you are always going to be making an evaluation of value and what you’re receiving for your money. The issue with that is of course in the fact that you’ll need to use the service for some time (we’d say at least 4 to 6 months) before you can come to a definitive conclusion on whether or not you’re getting your money’s worth. One of the best things you can do to help you move forward with being patient and giving it time is to read testimonials from other realtors who may or may not be pleased with paid real estate leads from a provider.

You will also need to have a solid understanding of what your operating budget will allow for with your means to buy real estate leads in the first place. New real estate agents in Canada are going to have tighter ones, and that’s natural. But using Real Estate Leads is often still quite reasonable for them, so let’s wrap up this look at the best real estate lead company in Canada by laying out some actual numbers for the service here.

For $799 per month, you will receive a guaranteed 20 to 40 buyer leads that are in your territory – and these leads for your territory are yours exclusively and not be provided to any other Realtors. We determine availability based on our ability to provide the promised number of leads for each realtor. That is our entry level paid real estate lead package, and you also have the option of:

  1. $849 for 20 to 40 buyer and seller leads monthly
  2. $1499 for 50 to 90 buyer leads monthly
  3. $1549 for 50 to 100 buyer and seller leads monthly
  4. $2599 for 110 to 200 buyer and seller leads monthly

Plus you also have the option at any time to move to a monthly arrangement bases on a yearly contract that delivers the same number of quality real estate leads but for a better full-year price.

Business growth is guaranteed, and we do really consider ourselves to the top option for anyone who is trying to decide on the best real estate lead company in Canada.


Is It Worth It to Pay For Real Estate Leads?

The numbers of real estate leads that are converted to clients when the lead is obtained as a paid lead does confirm that paying for real estate leads is usually a worthwhile investment for a realtor.

What Are The Best Ways to Get Real Estate Leads?

There are several ways of getting leads in real estate that qualify to be included among the best ways. Buying real estate leads is joined by networking, community involvement, social media marketing for real estate, and cold calling for leads.

Can You Tell Me How Much It Costs to Buy Leads?

The amount that a real estate lead provider in Canada will charge for the service will vary, but for most of them the introductory package where a realtor will receive less than 50 leads per month will cost somewhere in the vicinity of $800 monthly.

What Are The Ways Real Estate Lead Generators Make Money?

Real estate lead generators are profitable exclusively based on the monthly fees paid by realtors to use the service. This is the only way real estate lead generators make money.

How Hard Is It to Get Clients As a Real Estate Agent?

It will always be at least somewhat difficult to get clients as a real estate agent unless you are living in a very small community and you are the only realtor working in the area. If you are a realtor in a large or medium-sized city in Canada it is nearly always going to be a challenge to have the flow of new clientele you would like to see for yourself.