5 Tips for Practicing Better Real Estate Scripts

Published April 4, 2024 by Real Estate Leads


There are many different characteristics that the most successful real estate agents will have in common. One of them is that they practice their scripts, and do so on an ongoing basis. As most of you will already be very much aware, this is a business where first impressions are everything. The way you present yourself is very much tied to how effectively you communicate yourself, and it’s a fact that a realtor who delivers the same old ‘I’m so and so and this is what I can do for you… yada yada’ isn’t going to get very far at all most of the time.

A meeting with a prospective client is always one thing, and one thing only – an opportunity. What you do with the opportunity is entirely up to you. Here at Real Estate Leads, our online real estate lead generation system is an excellent way to put more of these opportunities in front of you, but in order to turn the majority of them into real estate clients you need to have the skills and know how related to convincing these prospective home sellers or home buyers that YOU are the best man or woman to help guide them in making the best choices and getting the best results.

Back on topic – what are the best ways to practice your scripts as a real estate agent? Read on, here are a handful of concepts to better make use of your scripts.

  1. Have confidence, while being 100% honest

This means moving forward with confidence and not ‘faking’ it at all. People will sniff out dishonesty or exaggeration, and they will then lose their trust in you. If you have a lot of confidence but there’s some aspect of their situation that you’re not knowledgable about, it’s best to say ‘I don’t know, but I will find out.’ These prospective clients will appreciate that more and then respect you more, despite what you might think to the contrary.

  1. Listen Well

Some of you may be surprised to learn that when it comes to scripts, it’s more about listening and reacting right rather than memorizing lines. Listen to what your client is saying, so you then know which script to turn to for building the best rapport. This also involves matching your conversation style based on the type of person you’re speaking to. Is this prospective client focused more on statistics? Numbers and facts should be front and center in that script.

Are they talking more about their emotional ties to a future home? Your script should have a very personal and sentimental slant to it. Listen and respond accordingly. Another big thing is catering to the person’s opinion rather than your own – if you present in a way that’s a lecture, it’s the agent’s (your) opinion. If you present in a question, it’s now the client’s opinion.

  1. Know the Why

To put it plainly, determining buyer motivation should be at the heart of any script. You need to understand the why, before responding to the what. Some buyers will be just curious and ‘window shopping’ of sorts, while others will be determined to buy a home in the very near future. Ask questions so you understand how to move forward. Take more of a ‘why’ rather than a ‘what’ approach, and move forward very incrementally in uncovering that.

  1. Practice

The best agents practice their scripts, and do so regularly. Their practice audience may be their team, their friends, family members, or just about anyone who’ll give them the time. When you put in the time with this, you get the results, and it’s really as simple as that. Further, no realtor is too busy to practice if they want to get the most out of their real estate client prospecting online efforts. Schedule the time and make it happen.’

  1. Always be On

Right then, you’ve practiced your scripts, know the material inside out, and you know you have the ability to be flexible and adaptive with them as need be. However, when you show up to meet with a prospective client, you come out sputtering rather than purring nicely.

You need to see yourself as a paid performer here, and paid performers either perform well or they aren’t ‘paid’ performers for much longer. Any specific client you’re talking to is going to expect you to be on. Real estate agents meeting clients after making use of internet generated real estate leads need to have the confidence that comes with knowing their material inside out to the 1000th degree, and you need to do what it takes to make it so that you’re the same way. For most people, that means one thing – practice – and LOTS of it.

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