Lights, Camera, Leads: Unveiling the Power of Video Marketing in Real Estate Lead Generation

Published November 14, 2023 by Real Estate Leads

There’s been a profound shift in the way people prefer to digest information and content over recent years, and what you’ll find is that there’s more of a visual focus rather than the way it used to be primarily with text. You’ll definitely see it with news online, and it’s very apparent in all sorts of other sources of information that are made available to people on the Internet. This can and will apply to marketing communications too, and as a real estate agent what you are doing when you are selling a home for clients is marketing that home.

You won’t need to have that explained to you, but when it comes to the best real estate leads for agents you may need to be made aware of how video marketing done right can go a long way in generating those leads for you. It’s no secret that video tours of homes for people who can’t attend open houses can lead to offers being made on the home when they wouldn’t be otherwise. The best way to generate leads for real estate agents may be to use an online real estate lead generation system like ours here at Real Estate Leads, but you should be expanding your horizons for sure when it comes to this.

And don’t think this needs to be something that will be a major added expense for you. You likely already have a good camera on your smartphone, and the video taken by it will be perfectly fine provided you find a means of having a steady hand with it. But the real key is in what you capture in the videos and how your present it. This is where you may need to take something of a practice-makes-perfect approach and understand that your first few attempts at real estate video marketing will likely fall short of your expectations.

Strong Visuals can be Convincing

The reason video is so valuable – in this context at least – is because would-be home buyers have always liked to envision themselves living in any home they’d consider buying. The difference is nowadays that becomes entirely doable and again it’s not something that needs to be expensive for you as evaluate the best real estate leads for agents.

So what traits of video marketing will enhance the lead generation process in real estate, and point you more clearly in the direction of people who will be likely to buy or sell a home through you? The recipe is fairly simple – strongly appealing and attractive visuals, smart placing in context, and the right narration to go along with it.

Real estate video marketing services may offer content like aerial views of townships, connectivity graphics for geographical visualization, a 3D virtual experience for the most minute detail of the infrastructure, customer testimonials, listicles, or other types. But again, you will make those decisions based on the type of home, the type of community where it’s located, and the type of buyer demographic that most often buys that type of home.

Analysing and addressing these points is key when you start to put together any piece of real estate video marketing content. The viewers themselves may become your lead, but it may also be a situation where they share it, and another recipient down the line becomes your lead. But all of this is dependent on the video being well filmed, strongly accenting the most appealing aspects of the home and property, and then speaking to what additionally adds value to the home based on what can’t be seen with physical attributes or any shot of the property. The last part of that means you have to be knowledgeable about the buyer demographics as it relates to the best way to generate leads for real estate agents.

Increased Conversions

An article in Forbes magazine some time back stated that conversion rates for businesses can increase by as much as 80% when videos are incorporated into landing pages. This likely holds true for real estate websites too, and these days every real estate agent is going to have a website of course. Your listings will have their own pages, and a video of the home’s interior and exterior along with the additional information we talked about should be featured prominently on each of them.

Video marketing enables the agent to exhibit the authentic appeal of the home using professional videography, and buyers like to engage this way. But it’s not just buyers who you may meet as leads when you use video marketing for real estate. There may be other prospective home sellers who are looking to work with a real estate agent who happen to come across your content and end up being impressed with your ability to market homes so well.

Another important consideration with your video marketing as part of the best leads for real estate agents is to keep the videos suitably short while still covering everything that you need to communicate through them. Keep language as simple as possible too, and adding text visuals on screen at key moment points can be a good idea too in case viewers may be hearing impaired. There are other times when animation and graphics can make a video perform much better.

Optimize SEO for Video Content Online

These days most realtors will be posting their video content online, and that’s where it will be given the largest audience for maximum effectiveness in promoting you client’s homes for sale, and your expertise and savvy as a realtor. Generating real estate leads for these efforts will go a lot further if you’ve optimized your content for search engine optimization, and what you can do even if you’re the furthest thing from a digital marketer is to write good meta titles and meta descriptions for your content.

Keep meta titles between 55 and 65 characters with spaces, and use the obvious search terms – ‘city’ real estate, ‘city’ homes for sale, real estate agents in ‘city’, etc. Do the same for your meta descriptions which can be between 140 and 160 characters with spaces.

Last thing we’ll mention for this entry is the similar value in adding video marketing content to emails as another approach for the best way to generate leads for real estate agents. Some believe that a video in an email can boost the click-through rate by 200 to 300%, and again any contact that opens up a dialogue with you and people interested in selling or buying real estate may lead to them becoming your clientele in the future.

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