LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents: Unleashing the Lead Generation Goldmine

Published November 7, 2023 by Real Estate Leads

LinkedIn is regarded as the top social media resource for career promotion and growth, and many professionals will speak of at least one or more times where they’ve made valuable connections through it that have advanced them professionally. It’s fair to say that promotion, growth, and success will look different for folks who have their career in real estate, as for a real estate agent the barometer for all of that will be houses sold for clients, or houses purchased through listing agents for your homebuyer clients. That all starts with real estate lead generation, and we certainly know a bit about that here.

We’ve talked at length about social media can be the source of a real estate lead at any time, but to be honest it is not anywhere close to be the best source for leads. That’s not to say that people who spend a bulk of their time on social media apps usually don’t have the financial means to buy homes, but we’d be dishonest if we said there isn’t any truth to that. We’ll leave that for now though, and instead say that LinkedIn may be the best one of them all for generating real estate leads. Is that in part because the people who are more active on LinkedIn have more of that financial means? Absolutely, but that’s also not going to the focus here.

It’s true that LinkedIn can be a real estate lead generation goldmine, but it’s not like this will be the reality for anyone simply because they’re proactive on the site for career promotion or whatever their interest may be. Our intention with this entry here is to put your more in the know about how LinkedIn can be used for real results with real estate lead generation. Pair every effective approach you can with the proven-effective one that we have with our online real estate lead generation system here at Real Estate Leads.

Super Mega

Specifically, LinkedIn can help you more directly and effectively reach the right audience, the type of people that qualify as potential clientele and may contribute to the successful growth of your real estate business. At the simplest level you may be the realtor they will think of first based on the fact you are the only one they are professionally connected with on LinkedIn. These days, however, that’s unlikely and everyone reading this probably has 2 or more realtors in their LinkedIn network at least.

So more is going to be required of realtors if they are to really take advantage of this resource, and that’s what we’ll look at here. We can start by saying that LinkedIn has a high lead conversion rate in comparison to other apps. Estimates for a HubSpot study put LinkedIn’s lead conversion rate at 277% better than Facebook or X. Why would that be?

Well, we talked about buyer demographics, and even though it might seem biased to say it the people who are on Facebook, X, or newer ones like Instagram and TikTok are probably not going to be buying or selling a home anytime soon. That may be because of their relative age, but you can be sure there are other factors going into that too.

  • Age / Career Status

LinkedIn’s demographics are more in line with those ready to be homebuyers and sellers. 77% of users there are 30 years old or older, and upwards of 50% of them earn $75,000 a year are post-secondary graduates. It’s easy to make the connection between these people’s life status and whether or not they are more likely to be a ‘warm’ real estate lead.

But again, you are going to need to be proactive in order to garner the leads 90+% of the time. That means publishing relevant content and establishing yourself as a legitimate expert on the local real estate market.

  • Higher-End Connections

LinkedIn is very good for connecting with high net-worth people. It is not uncommon for realtors to struggle with reaching high net-worth clients that can afford properties they have listed for clients. One of the great things about LinkedIn is that it features advanced business tools like targeted search system, InMail and others so that you’re better able to pitch your services to these valuable clients. These actions can even be as simple as searching for ‘real estate investor’ or something similar. You can filter by location, the company or organization an individual is with, their school, mutual connections and more. That same search tool may also provide a means of connecting with CEOs, managing directors or other persons where a mutually beneficial working relationship is very possible.

  • Better Engagement

LinkedIn is superior for higher engagement rates in comparison to other platforms. And what makes that most emphatic is the way with LinkedIn you don’t only get engagement from your connections, it can also come for their connections too. Let’s say one of your 1st connections comments on your post, and it is then posted to the network because of the validity and clearly professional nature of what you’ve added to the content. You then become increasingly visible and there’s more of a chance of further engagement with people that were initially beyond your reach. Some of whom may be keen to work with a real estate agent in the near future.

  • More Relevant Connections

Another good thing about LinkedIn is that it actively works to connect you with relevant people and businesses. This is because it’s functional identity for career networking, and as such it has an advanced algorithm that aims to put you in touch with people and businesses you’ll find valuable. This can include event suggestions based on your interests, groups, and what can be gleaned about the nature of your career or means of employment. And then it is at these types of events that you may be able to meet and establish contact with people who are considering the sale or purchase of a home.

Quality Real Estate Lead Generation with LinkedIn

It’s best to start at the start here; create a well optimized personal or company profile and make it have the appearance and readability that will suggest you as a solid choice for anyone who’s looking to work with a reputable and capable real estate professional. What does that include at a bare minimum? A clear and agreeable photo, a catchy headline, correct business information, and a custom LinkedIn URL

Then create a summary where you go into detail about how you help your target audience have the best success with buying or selling real estate and then explain your credentials briefly before moving to direct call-to-action, which can be as simple as saying ‘be in touch via (means) if you’d like to discuss real estate in (location) in greater detail’.

You can also ask your past clients for recommendations here, and good ones are gold on LinkedIn. Done right they are essentially your past clients telling your new and prospective clients how you’ve helped them achieve their goals. All of this contributes to even-better LinkedIn network building for a real estate agent. And what should be increasingly clear by this point is this building is not only just for a real estate lead, but also for potential business partners in the bigger picture.

Join Groups, Be Active in Them

You likely already know that LinkedIn has groups that people join to further extend their professional network, provided they contribute to the efforts for engagement going on there. Groups are a great resource for networking, events, industry insights, and more and you can message people directly in the same group as you, something that’s very advantageous if you are in a group related to local real estate and someone engages in a manner that indicates they’ll be buying or selling a home soon.

Make sure you publish useful content in these groups, otherwise you’re not going to have the identity you want here. It should resonate with your target audience and be the type that has the potential to give them real insight into real estate investments. You can also share other people’s content that you find informative and engaging on your page, don’t be limited by how much content you can create for the platform.

LinkedIn also has the advantage of allowing you to publish original long-form content and share it with your connections and followers. You’ll need to have more to say on any real estate topic, but if you do then that’s the indication of a knowledgeable and expert realtor and one who these prospective lead people will want to work with. Havign your profile feature ‘creator mode’ is even better and means you’ve done well in this area.

Get Those Recommendations

The most ideal scenario is for a realtor to have a LinkedIn connection who they have helped buy or sell a home. If you’ve already got one, great. If not, see if you can make a LinkedIn connection with someone you have worked with in the past. Most realtors will have already done this, but if not most former clients will be happy to receive your request and add you to their network if they’re a professional too.

Recommendations are big on LinkedIn, and there is a special section on your profile that is highlighted boldly when people are viewing your profile on mobile. So ask your past clients for recommendations and make sure they’re prominently visible there. This is an excellent way to enjoy better real estate lead generation results.__

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