Decoding Success: Psychology-Backed Real Estate Lead Engagement Strategies

Published October 31, 2023 by Real Estate Leads

Decoding Success: Psychology-Backed Real Estate Lead Engagement Strategies

It’s been said that most decisions are made with equal input from the mind and heart, but when it comes to anything that’s related to your livelihood it is usually better to give more sway of influence to your mind. When a would-be homebuyer of someone who has decided to sell their home and a real estate agent come together in a working relationship it is usually because both have gone through a series of processes that have made them see the fit as ideal.

As it relates to real estate lead generation the one part of that equation has everything to do with the mentality and approach that the agent puts into practice as they progress with the lead. By progress we mean from being made aware of the person(s) to first contact to the entire process of converting them and right through to having them buy or sell a home. There’s a lot that goes into that, and we’re not so much talking about the steps or the methodologies used to turn a real estate lead into a client.

Instead what we’re talking about are psychology-backed real estate lead engagement strategies, and how understanding and best incorporating them into your approaches to converting leads into clients is highly recommended. We’ve gone on at length about how our online real estate lead generation system is proven effective for drumming up the leads, but how you evaluate the potential realtor / client dynamic is also very important. So that’s what we’re going to look at today, because future real estate deals may depend on it.

Better Real Estate Lead Generation

We’ll start off by saying that there are estimates that around 35% of home purchasers these days are of the millennial generation. With more and more millennials buying real estate as first-time home buyers, realtors will be wise to up their lead generation game and try to better target these people as potential clients. While some of the older lead generation techniques still hold their ground, the newer ideas are taking over the real estate industry.

Real estate lead generation is in the simplest sense the action of identifying potential customers and reaching out to them. It has been and always will be an integral part of real-estate marketing with the way it has the potential to ensure prospective customers choose you as their real estate agent rather than any of the many, many competitors you have who are also working as realtors in your area of the country.

Understand that younger people consume and digest information differently, and that’s where we’ll start in presenting real estate lead strategies that are better suited to ‘getting through’ to a newer and markedly different potential client demographic.

Digital Strategies

  1. First-Time Buyer Video Guides

With such a large share of millennial clients including first-time home-buyers, it is a good idea to create content where you present yourself as a realtor happy to share tips and checklists aimed at best guiding these buyers towards making a more informed and better choice with buying a home.

  1. Regular Update Newsletters

Newsletters are a very good way to update potential clients on the new properties for sale, properties that are in high demand, and other relevant information like the current prices being paid for homes in different locales around the city or town where you’re working as a real estate agent.

  1. Instagram Property Posts

You won’t find many realtors if any these days who aren’t making good use of social media, and that’s the way it should be as many of these younger buyers will be very active through it as well as making a lot of the professional connections through social media too.

Try to post beautiful property pictures on social media that create interest among your followers and invite your followers to an open house event or ask them to follow-up for more information on the product. Breathtaking visuals go a long way with certain buyers, and it’s worth your time to put the effort into it.

  1. Social Media Hashtags with Outbound Lead Generation

Hashtags can serve as an excellent means of pointing digital-viewing prospective clients to you based on the content they’re interested in – which in this case will of course be real estate. For small business marketing teams with limited access to lead generation resources, hashtags are a useful tool for outbound lead generation through the Internet.

  1. LinkedIn Posts to Connect Professionally

LinkedIn is the premier professional networking platform, and realtors can do well with real estate lead generations when they create posts that are informative, well-written, accurate and then conclude by identifying you as a realtor who would be happy to discuss any part of your post as it relates to their buying or selling a home.

  1. Snapchat for Lead Generation

Snapchat is another potential self-promotion avenue you can use in the sphere of social media where you can aim to generate new leads on clientele.

  1. Sponsored Facebook Ads

Facebooks increasingly tends to be a social media platform for older people, but the value in utilizing it for a real estate lead should need no explanation as older people tend to be the ones who are selling homes as often as they might be buying them.

  1. Share Customer Reviews / Testimonials

Sharing reviews and testimonials from existing customers on your business website is also a good and recommended way of getting inbound leads. Testimonials help attract those customers who are in quest of properties similar to the ones whose reviews you have shared.

  1. Create an App for your Real Estate Business

A well designed and user-friendly real estate app can help boost your conversion rates for real estate leads, and the most basic reason for that is people always like one-click simplicity when it comes to access relevant content and a means of being directly in touch with the service provider. And as you likely already know, everyone is online primarily through their smartphones nowadays.

  1. Convert Webpages / Blogs into a Resource Center

Informative webpages and blogs may be more readily taken in and processed when you have them available through some type of online resource center. This can help you make your business as the one-stop shop for all inquiries prospective clients make about the real-estate market. For example, a short term rental calculator or the latest report on the real estate market could bring value to your prospective clients.

These days this is best done my making your resource available via a QR code that can be very visibly displayed on your real estate website, app, or wherever else would-be clients will first become aware of you as a real estate agent.

  1. Custom Landing Page for Client Lead Capture

Effective real estate lead generation needs to be paired with equally reliable client conversion, and there’s always going to be many parts to that. If you have the app and QR code we talked about above, make sure you complete the equation by having custom landing pages connected to registration QR codes to drive users to a client information form. When they fill out the form they get access to all information on your website. Experiment with your landing page layouts and measure the effectiveness with a marketing analytics tool.


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