3 Solid Strategies for Move-Up Buyers

Published July 17, 2018 by Real Estate Leads

Home buyersMoving up has always been a common strategy for homeowners looking to work their way into the home that is going to suit them long term. My parents started in the smallest of row homes here on the West Coast of Canada some 30+ years ago and now they’ve got a beautiful large home with yard in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Real estate is an investment, and making judicious decisions when it comes to purchasing real estate with the idea of selling the home for profit in the future is very important.

A good realtor is a knowledgeable and helpful realtor, and for those of you who are new to the business there’s so much you can learn – and share – about how to best buy real estate given your clients’ long term plans. Here at Real Estate Leads, our online real estate lead generation system is dynamite for getting your more in the way of qualified leads that you can contact and then have the opportunity to secure clients. We stress the word ‘opportunity’ though, because that’s all it is. Your prospective home buyers or sellers will expect you to know the business!

Moving up to their ‘forever home’ is exciting for people. Most move-up buyers typically will have some savings and home equity to work with, making their next move feel less like a compromise and more like a thoughtful selection. However, move-up buyers face their own set of challenges that call for a very evaluated and measured strategy.

Here are 3 options for your smart move-up homebuyers and sellers with a plan!

Sell First

The ‘sell first’ strategy is ideal for move-up buyers who are unable to afford to pay two mortgages simultaneously. Having them sell their property first eliminates the risk of having to carry two mortgages, conditional upon not selling the existing home in time. This also reduces the chances of them having to reduce their asking price in response to a need to speed up the sale. This is a good option for move-up buyers who are banking on the proceeds of their sale to fund their new (and likely more expensive) property. By selling first, they’ll know exactly how much money they have to purchase their next home.

Determining Suitable Asking Price

When homes in a clients’ area of choice are selling faster than the sign can hit the lawn, it’s often that a ‘buy first’ strategy is the way to go. Buying a new home before selling their old one removes any rush to settle into a sub-par property, or having to seek alternative temporary housing options while you continue the process. This move-up buyer still lives in his or her existing home and this allows them time to shop around, and keep on with looking until they find that perfect place. This move-up buyer will typically require a bridge mortgage.

Understanding Mortgage Options

Acquiring an agreeable mortgage as a move-up buyer approach is most ideal for anyone, but making that acquisition is increasingly challenging these days. Having clients align their purchase and sale closing dates can be tricky. It’s a 3-way dance – the client, the person they’re buying from, and the person who’s selling the property your clients would like to buy. Have them keeping in mind that they’ll also have to move out and move in on the same day, so time is their best friend if it can be managed effectively. This means they need to plan ahead – researching neighbourhoods, being pre-approved for a mortgage, and beginning the ‘purge’ that should come before a big move.

The right move-up buyer strategy of course depends on a number of factors, such as your clients’ financial situation, current housing market conditions, their personal comfort level and their predispositions as buyers. Have them consider all these when making their decision. You are the pro who’s there to ensure a smooth transaction on both sides of the bargaining table.

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