General Local Area Blog Topic Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Published October 12, 2015 by Real Estate Leads

time for new contentHave you created a blog for your real estate agent website? It is most advisable that you do, for several reasons.

Firstly, writing informative articles to your clients is a great way to earn their trust in your knowledge of the market, especially the local market that you are one the premier experts of.

Secondly, content for you blog is vital for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website. The most relevant and high quality content that you can provide, the more likely that new prospects will be able to find your website in Google’s listings.

If you need ideas on what to write about, that’s what this article is all about; to help you formulate more content ideas for your blog articles; you should specifically tailor these ideas for your local area.

A. Write about new developments, new amenities, new subdivisions, etc.
New developments would certainly be of interest to your site visitors, new prospects, and current and former clients. New community parks, and even walking or riding trails display added long-term value for local residents of your service area. New shopping centers and new restaurants can make the locality appear especially attractive, fun, and active.

You can also include updates on improvement to infrastructure; those items are less sexy, but can convey an active neighborhood organization and responsible government officials. If it is already well known that traffic issues have been a sore spot in your area, writing about road expansion projects (if any) can help remedy client fears about that. However, if there are negative aspects to the area, it is probably best to not even bring up such topics – unless a solution for it is already well underway.

B. You can write about the interesting aspects of history of your service area(s).
Knowing the history of the neighborhood you work in can be interpreted and reflect your passion for the service that you provide.

You can go into why a particular town was founded (trading post, steel foundries, railroad junction, etc.) and the various industries that were born, or social movements or political events that happened there.
Interesting historical content like this gives your neighborhood additional context, explaining how the neighborhood became laid out as it is, or why certain styles of houses are more varied in one area compared to others. Such key details will influence prospects in a way of perceived appreciation for the area that they are considering purchasing in.

C. Feature locally-owned businesses
Blogging about a local business or various local business is a good way to build those types of business relationships in your community. Promoting a local breakfast spot or local business on your blog. Possibly in return, the business may even post your flyers or business cards in their entrances.
People will also likely bookmark your website to return to your blog, because they see you as somebody who is in the know. This is also a good way to help new prospects and clients get acclimated to the area. Your brand will also be more memorable when they are providing referrals to their friends.

D. Discussion of past and upcoming events
You can talk about how fun and exciting your neighborhood is by writing about upcoming events. Festivals, concerts, art showings, any public get-together, even free self-defense or classes, if it is interesting to you – it would be interesting to your readers as well. You can focus on family-style entertainment, couple events, single events, various age interest groups to showcase the variety within your area.

F. List the many scenic or naturesque attractions in the area
Most everybody of course loves nature. You can showcase some images of the best views around town, or come up with a “Ten things to do Outside”. You can get into some detail about various camping spots, trekking, lake or river cruises for the nature lovers that might surely makeup a healthy percentage of your site visitors. Since most people like nature, also like sports, start blogging about it, in a conservative measure even it can build even more bridges between you and your prospects.

E. Focus on entertainment and local pop culture
You can perhaps most easily scrape content off local variety website, perhaps giving a link back to those sites, but with a bit of digging perhaps you can find movies and television shows that were previously filmed in the area. People in general are way into this. If your area is big enough, perhaps you can find films currently in production.

Famous people from your area, which are usually listed on wikipedia, can add perceived value in noting which famous personalities got their start in your town or still call it home. These tid-bits of popular culture can serve as good filler conversation during car rides between property showings and are good bridge subjects on social media sites.

Now there is hardly any excuse left, if you have a spare hour to beef up your blog. Remember to add in imagery and photographs with your articles as well, if your website editor supports that. Another option is to hire a writer to fill out your website more. But the sooner you have more quality content hosted, the sooner search engines like google will boost your site rankings and visibility.