Lead Conversion: 6 Steps to Boosting Your Real Estate Career!

Published January 13, 2015 by Real Estate Leads

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If you ask any real estate agent what they could used every day, and their answer is most probably going to be I COULD USE SOME MORE LEADS.

What you really need is another or better method of attracting new fresh leads with a process to find, nurture and turn them into real sales. Check out our all day human run service for our an ever evolving but close to perfect integration of lead generation, lead exposure, and lead management to make this job seamless and easy.

We need to stop collecting leads and work each and every lead into potential cash with realistic/proven strategies that convert those lead prospects to profits most effectively.

Here are several good tips:

  1. Are you offering information and data that creates distinction in your marketplace? Simply set yourself apart in some distinct way such as becoming adept with elderly, or military clients or perhaps focus just on first time buyers. By specialization in a unique way, it is most likely going to especially appeal to prospects who fit that general profile, you will maximize the attraction of engagement of key prospects. Trust in your marketed specialization can lead to making those sales.
  2. So the real key is in setting upright channels that position you as the most knowledgeable experienced authority to make those prospects want to select you. Does your real estate website that offer a lead capture and engagement feature? It is a critical component to your lead capture strategy to have a full service website that does the capturing part for you. Just ask us and we will give you tips in order to further bolster your overall lead stream+ the 40 to 60 that will send you per month. You can easily lose a possible lead if they ‘stop by your site’ without offering additional services to retain and then further nurture the lead.
  3. Your next step is to utilize a consistent


    nurturing campaign.

Automate emails from your website (with an auto-responded), message your audience through your social media channels including tweets, budget for some direct mail to chosen people who can refer you to others, try a video blog so they can see you which usually helps. Consistency is king, it usually take 8 to 12 calls to land sales. Most often than not, from what we have learned elsewhere regarding internet leads in general, is that most agents don’t persist is trying to get through to every new lead. Don’t let them out of your prospect pipeline short until that prospect is sold either by you or someone else!

  1. Concerning social media outlets such as Facebook.

Most all agents today are utilizing social media portals such as Facebook as a means to help build name recognition; but a name having a recognizable brand by itself won’t directly pay your bills. Also think about using your Facebook page to announce events, help people find your main website, and offer downloadable information that has importance to your target market.

For example, an agent launched a page on Facebook for her area and she has been using it to promote local community events, issues that are of relative interest to the area. Some potential leads will also find their way to such a relevant page through web searches.

  1. Don’t freely give away your expertise

    on your website without

    without receiving a potential buyer or seller’s contact information first.

Let’s think about it that tip. Your expertise is what you are really selling to your clients, in only the way you that you know how to provide best. If you offer helpful downloadable information of any kind, then you really need to get the contact information of your site visitor first. This is called the engagement process, when you offer them information or even some of your time, in exchange for at least their contact information. Some example downloads that you may offer your website visitors is a market report, monthly or quarterly neighborhood reports, a pending and sold report for a specific demographic area, or new listings, et al. So the key to releasing this information should at least be capturing their email address. The best leads will of course include their phone number.

If you aren’t building a prospect list database from your main website, then perhaps you are handing over your expertise, and potential income for free.

But then again, we will be sending you 40-60 leads per month. We just wish you to be as successful as possible, that is why we are highlighting some good techniques at to help you receive maximum number of leads coming to you daily.

  1. Understanding the power of implied endorsement.

Perhaps nothing else speaks louder than real people discussing good experiences. Work on giving and most important receiving good recommendations. A nice additional form on your website is where your happy clients can enter emails of their friends if they wish to recommend you. Make it easy for them to do that as possible! If you turn a lead into a client and you make them happy then ask for their help in recommending you or perhaps writing a small testimonial for your website. Take advantage of the power of leveraging good recommendations both online and off. Give and get testimonials on LinkedIn, your website or via video.

It’s is always time make all your real estate leads pay off more. Use these tips and be legendary in lead mastery!