Learning to Read Body Language with Clients and Buyers

Published April 10, 2018 by Real Estate Leads

AdobeStock_106884961Any time a person is making a major decision that has a whole host of factors weighing into it, there’s much in the way of non-spoken communication that can play into the way people interact each other in any sales environment. That’s especially true of real estate, and the best agents are able to make educated assumptions about a person’s intentions, priorities, and prerogatives based on how they move and react. The opposite is true; clients and potential buyers can read your body language.

Understanding what someone’s movements say about their thoughts can help you identify genuine buyers, and learning about this is all a part of becoming a better real estate agent. That’s just as true of learning how to build your client base and reputation, and our online real estate lead generation system continues to be well received by new realtors who want to hit the ground running.

Here are some points to think about for ‘reading’ clients and presenting yourself in the best light through approachable body language.

  1. The Look Down

Any time a human is anxious to end an interaction and leave as quickly as possible, they’ll look down and often directly at their feet while being spoken to. A more interested and genuine potential home buyer will direct both feet towards you or even cross one leg over the other as they chat wit you. This demonstrates that they’re not in a rush to leave, and they’re legitimately listening to you and evaluating the information.

  1. Visual Signs

Who hasn’t said yes when they really meant no, and vice versa? Many buyers will be polite, even though they lack real interest. Look for those saying something positive about the property, but moving atypically as they make the comment. If so, they are likely not being completely honest.

Also, don’t assume that the classic folded arms means someone is not interested is always true. Human behavioural experts agree it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want to engage with you.

Last but not least, be on the lookout for their having a genuine smile. Positive facial expressions are the long standing cue that someone is genuinely interacting with you.

  1. In the Eyes

Buyers with eyes that are darting all over the place, and not looking at you with any type of focus are probably not serious about the home, and unlikely that they’ll ever make an offer.

Oppositely, if they look directly at you when you’re speaking you can take it to be a positive indicator of their interest. This allows you to tailor your approach as you move forward in establishing these people as buyers.

Now let’s look at it from the other perspective; what you can do to make the right non-direct impression on people.

  1. Stand tall

Good posture connotes confidence in an individual. Slouch and you will appear as though you have something to hide or you’re not sure of what you’re presenting. Show customers that you’re confident and believe in your clients and their property as priced by standing tall and confidently in front of them. And of course this goes for both men and women.

  1. No Obstruction

Avoid standing behind anything when interacting with a client, and particularly when meeting and / or speaking with them for the first time. This is an instinctive method of self-protection, but it’s also innately regarded as that by other people. Remove barriers between yourself and the client, such as benches or furniture, to indicate that you feel comfortable and confident around them.

  1. Composure is Big

Be composed in front of clients, and in particular avoid being way to active with your hands. Fidgeting with a pen or mobile phone or straightening your tie or cuffs repeatedly shows them that you’d rather be elsewhere or – more damagingly – that you’re not confident and assured in your position as the client’s realtor. It’s behaviour that is very off-putting for potential customers.

Send stronger, better, and confidence message by engaging in the classic rules of body language:

  • Keep an open stance
  • Don’t fold arms
    • Have a happy and inviting smile
    • Maintain consistent but natural eye contact

One more – don’t forget to nod when you speak. Nodding works to generate a positive feeling in others, and when it’s combined with a genuine conversation and you’re presenting yourself with authority then you’re well on your way to being ALL-OVER convincing in working with buyers and prospective clients and knowing more about where they’re at in the buying process – if they’re in it at all.

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