Published August 4, 2015 by Real Estate Leads

send icon post signDo you often feel neglectful for not sending your prospects and clients emails to strike up more business?

You’ve worked hard all day, made dozens of calls, drove around showing homes, reviewed your current leads, and also did dozens of other things that are essential to your life. And now you have to sit down and reinvent another email? It all can often feel too difficult.

Here are some basic ideas for email scripts that you can save in a text file and tailor as you wish to keep in touch with prospects. Also here is a site that offers attractive html email templates for free:

Here are three email scripts you can save, modify and use (as you see fit) to keep in touch with leads, prospects, and possible referral sources.

Listing Info Request : ( To Send to a Buyer Prospect )

Hi there ( prospects name )

Just emailing to see if you were able to review the listing information you requested?
If you had any problems opening it, I would be happy to resend it another way or deliver
it to you personally. I’m am curious to get your thoughts on the home[s]. Did it, or any
that you saw appeal to you? Did you get a good idea of what is now available? If you
decided to inspect any home in person, just let me know and we can set up a time for
a tour. I have access to these listings, or any, as soon as they come on the market. Please
feel free to call me, or email or text, for help or with questions about the buying process.
Helping you locate a home that matches your dreams is what I love to do! – (Name)

Neighborhood Sales Activity ( To Send to Past Clients )

While reviewing comparable sales activity in your neighborhood, I noticed that some homes
have recently been listed for sale. Some of the properties that have sold recently may
have an affect on the the appraised value of your home.

It is a good idea to always know the value of your home. Some common reasons you
should have a current home valuation on hand include:
• Refinancing
• Making a move
• Insurance purposes

Since I can easily keep you informed about such facts concerning your home, would you like
me to print out a free market evaluation for you? For a more precise evaluation, I would love
to meet with you. Just let me know!

As always, if you know of anyone else who could benefit from a home evaluation (or who needs
help finding a property), feel free to share my contact info with them. I would be happy to help
anybody who asks of me.

Selling Tip Note : ( To send to Seller Prospects )

(Their name), Thank you again for (calling/emailing/chatting) with me about selling
your home. I would love the opportunity to help you navigate this process efficiently
and successfully.

I thought I’d pass along some resources to make your home stand out to potential buyers;
while you sort out your time-line and what you [and your spouse] are looking for in a new

These articles and links should help you out:
• { insert link to to your agent website }
• { insert link to an article on your real estate blog }
• { insert link to one of your an article you found on the internet }

Dressing up your home’s curb appeal can also help your home sell faster and for more.

I happen to work regularly with some great landscapers, contractors, and home staging
experts. Just let me know if you want any recommendations in those regards. If you have
any question(s) about the selling process, you can reach me anytime by phone, email or
text. I’m here to help!

P.s. Also don’t forget to add a personal greeting and your signature, of course!