Summary of Great Tips Real Estate Agents

Published May 9, 2016 by Real Estate Leads


Licensed professional Real estate salespeople, are most often referred to as real estate agents. In legal definition, the term ‘agent’ refers to a defined relationship between a real estate salesperson and the sellers & buyers with whom s/he conducts business in the real estate marketplace. The agent is an person who is authorized and consents to represent the interests of the buyer or seller; furthermore agents assist people through the process of selling, buying, renting: land, homes, and other properties, commercial or residential.

After meeting licensing requirements, having comprehensive understanding of a plethora of real estate laws; real estate agents have a tall list of responsibilities.

As an agent, you would be familiar with the following tasks:

  • * Searching for potential clients to buy, sell and rent properties
  • * Showcasing properties to prospective buyers
  • * Managing your dynamic lists of contacts
  • * Advising sellers on how better make their homes more attractive to buyers
  • * Promoting listings through advertising, listing services (MLS, etc) & open houses
  • * Comparitive analyzing properties to determine fair & competitive market prices
  • * Advising clients on market conditions & pricing and mortgages
  • * Recommending appropriate properties for buyers based on their price range and needs
  • * Mediating negotiations between sellers & buyers
  • * Presenting all purchase offers to sellers for their consideration
  • * Guiding sellers & buyers through the transaction process
  • * Preparing and submitting all required paperwork / various contracts
  • * Staying current with ever changing real estate laws & trends
  • * Working nights and/or weekends to match your clients’ needs


Sphere of Influence

Beyond the leads supplied to you by our service here at, another way generate leads & build leads is through a sphere of influence, “SOI”, business model. SOI is a networking strategy which focuses on generating real estate leads through the people you already know and increasingly come to know: including friends, family, business associates,classmates, sporting contacts, and even people such as you hairdresser or doctor. The best way to keep track of all the names and contact information is in one place, such as in your smartphone, or in a spreadsheet program, your email’s contact dd or with commercial sales/crm (customer relationship management) software.

After you have started organized your SOI db, it is easy to add new people to your cntact db – at community events and through mutual acquaintances, by any other means. The more people that are in your db, the larger your Sphere of Influence and therefore the better your chances referral streams. Plan on sending out periodic announcements to keep your SOI thinking about/remembering you and your services.

Develop your Professional Image (PI)

Vital to your success as a real estate agent, or most any career, is your professional image:

  • * Written communications: well-written, emails letters & texts (free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
  • * Appearance: groomed hair, hair, sharp clothing, accessories, makeup, nice shiny car, etc. Be very light on perfume/cologne and avoid overly revealing clothing/lingerie.
  • * Face2Face meetings: utilize positive eye contact and positive body language. Make extra efforts to be attentive, engaging, and courteous.
  • * Marketing materials: publish accurate/quality photos along with compelling text.
  • * Phone calls: be articulate, engaging and courteous. In ratio – the less you are talking and the more you are listening – the more you are winning! So smile when you are listening, even when on the phone.
  • * Web presence: publish a carefully planned website and cultivate an engaging social media presence.


Note: Any imprint you have on the Internet , whether for personal life or your business – will likely last forever. You will be amazed how easily bloopers can find its way to your potential clients.

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