The advantages of Single Property Websites

Published June 9, 2015 by Real Estate Leads

Picture2One tried and true marketing method that you might be already aware of is the concept of acquiring a domain such as and then create a rather simple website for a particular property listing.

By doing so, more perceived value is given to a property — after all the address of the house then has its own address on the internet too. So, for the investment of the cost of a domain name and about a $5/month website hosting account – doing so might just grease the skids of a deal and perhaps at a slightly higher valuation as well. The investment of the $20-$30 and an hour or two of your or your assistantユs time to create the website would be well worth it if it helps facilitate a new deal, right?

The seller themselves might like to spearhead this as well, as it is a perfect way to showcase their home. However, it is best if you do this as a service for your client; you just need to do a good enough job. Using a “website builder” from a hosting company that offers a selection of per-defined templates can be helpful to quickly add a professional touch to the design.

In general, the website will show all the great photos, amenity details, and neighborhood information in detail. Other listing formats usually have to be made into a much more condensed format in order to save ad-space. With a full blown website, dozens of pictures can be included – even a 3D virtual tour perhaps (if you hire the services for that). Buyers will surely be enamored by the extra attention to detail.

Most importantly, it could save you a lot of time and gas too… as buyers will be able to make a better and more informed decision about whether they want to view the listing or not.

Also sellers will surely want to share the website domain with all their contacts, friends and family, of course. This extra marketing reach is worth the cost of the domain and hosting account. You can also add social media buttons or a side-bar on the website so website visitors can easily share it out with their friends for their opinions too perhaps, although that can be considered a bit unlikely or over the top.

How do you get a single property website?

We do recommend using a hosting company that offers a website builder application – unless you are a design and coding jockey. We recommend that you stay away from services such as Weebly and Wix or company’s that offer flash-based website templates. These type of sites are notorious for achieving low website search engine rankings. Although having the property website easily discoverable by web searches is important as well, this type of real estate website should be mostly promoted by traditional marketing techniques as well.

Who should you send the new property website domain to?

* The first place to place the new single property websites link is on your personal real estate agent website and your social media profiles. You’ll want to tweet them out and post them on your facebook pages. On those tweets and posts, make sure you say something unique and interesting about the property or location on each one. By doing these things you will also show your clients what a good/hard-working agent that you are!

* You will also want to write it on the yard sign. Drive-by prospects can then take a peek inside the home right on their smartphone from the curb. Imagine that, increasing the chance for an on-the-spot sale.

* Also your newsletter is a perfect place to list single property website domains.

In conclusion, this marketing tip is really golden advice. For the small investment, less than the cost of a bouquet of flowers for a open-house, rather instead fully open the house to the world of the 24/7 open internet instead.

One service we recommend that has a easy to use website builder and a low price hosting package is