Using Clubhouse to Generate More Real Estate Leads

Published April 26, 2021 by Real Estate Leads

Not often that we have the opportunity to slide the name of our service into the title of one of our blog entries, but here we are. There are all sorts of new avenues becoming available for realtors to use technology to grow their businesses. Clubhouse is a very different take on social media, and what we’re going to talk about here today is what makes it such a great fit for making realtors more visible to prospective clients. And the good news is that you don’t even really need to be especially ‘app savvy’ to take advantage of this.

All of which is good news, because as we constantly stress real estate is a business that is never going to be any less competitive than it is right now. When you identify an opportunity to give yourself any competitive advantage you shouldn’t hesitate to grab it, and that’s a large part of why so many realtors have gotten onboard with our online real estate lead generation service here at Real Estate Leads. If it’s due to word of mouth that you’ve arrived here, consider that to be a very fortunate development as this is a great way to get more real estate clients.

Alright, let’s get right to it. Here is how realtors can use Clubhouse to build their real estate business.

All Talk – In a Good Way

Clubhouse is exclusively audio and live conversations, so in that way it’s the furthest thing possible from Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat (you’re excuse if you’ve never heard of the last two). It’s also only for iPhones (at least for now) so you won’t be able to take advantage of it if you have an Android phone. That will very likely change, but that’s the way it is right now.

You join the conversations you want to join, and then you talk – there’s no typing anything into anything with Clubhouse. You’re free to join any chatroom you like, or start your own. Realtors are finding they’re inclined to do both, and here’s what you can do to optimize the use of these chatrooms to promote yourself as a local realtor:

  1. Start a Chat Room to Share your Expertise
    It’s quite common these days for agents to host chats to talk about how they use social media, about video marketing, or lead generation tips. There are many ways it can be a great opportunity to introduce yourself to other agents.
  2. Network with Other Agents
    There are ever-greater numbers of smart and influential people in real estate using this app right now. The opportunity here is to meet them and learn from them as you listen and participate in chats. Read their profiles, participate, and soak up as much valuable knowledge as you can.
  3. Start Referral Rooms
    It’s increasingly common for agents to initiate chat rooms for the specific purpose of making referral connections outside their markets. If you’re able to pick up referrals via Clubhouse or expand on a database of agents who might be able to exchange referrals based on their location or other criteria – why not?
  4. Start a Regular Chat Answering Questions Related to your Brokerage or Office
    This is another solid networking, not only for generating new clients convinced that your office is a good choice for them but also to attract new realtors to the office if that’s also an aim for you.
  5. Host a Regular Chat Answering Questions about your Hometown
    Set it up, and advertise it as best for anyone ‘considering moving to’, or something similar. The advantage here is that you don’t need to make any more than one reference to the fact you’re a realtor or real estate in general. Provide the information in a trustworthy and accurate manner and add a little bit of character and personality to your chat and you may find that participants contact you asking you to help them with real estate purchases there.
  6. Host One About How the Real Estate Process Works
    Envision these as buyer/seller workshops, but on Clubhouse. Share what you know, and in doing so present yourself as an industry expert who is also knowledgeable when it comes to the local real estate market.

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