Experienced agents admit their best tips/advice

Published December 7, 2015 by Real Estate Leads

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With already having hundreds of conversations with Real Estate agents, in this article we are relaying the best current advice from some of the top agents & brokers from coast to coast.

The best resource you can have starting out in real estate is a constant source of leads flowing to you, but second to that is tapping the minds of agents that already have years of experience with a long string of deals already filling up their file cabinet. These agents are generous to share their years of knowledge with fledgling agents. These current insights should prove enlightening and invaluable as you set on your own real estate path.

At the top of list is to become as tech savvy as you possibly can, but as always responsiveness and consistency are additional keys to success. Gone are the days when print magazines and direct mail were effective. The real estate market is now based on the internet. Only those who go with the flow online will be in business next year.

It is important to leverage the power of technology to attract more prospects. Real estate is not just a numbers game; following through is just as essential. There are many thousands of agents on the internet right now. If an agent doesn’t respond to a prospective inquiry quickly, often within minutes, at least within the hour… then the Prospect will just call the next agent they find.

Invest in a great website. You have to have a strong web presence so spend time and energy fine-tuning your online presence. Avoid branded websites because if you ever change companies, then your site will not go with you. When you’re not busy with customers, keep up your marketing efforts. If marketing doesn’t excite you, you’ll rarely do it… so then you would have to hire someone to market yourself for you. Use any extra time to stay on top of new technology; and implement those ideas/apps which excite you.

Instead of consuming precious time and money attending sales seminars, time better spent might be building up your website, add a blog, and writing a couple of interesting articles for you prospects an clients to read and appreciate. Subsequently post your blog to social media to increase you site’s google visibility. Perhaps enhance your website regularly, before your sit down to preview new homes as they come on the market.

Set high standards. You have chosen an industry that will give you huge rewards if you set your goals high enough. Today, more than ever before, you have to have the digital tools that will help you keep up with this rapidly changing world. Pick your favorite online methods and learn to become a master of it; then steer all that traffic that you generate to your website’s listing pages.

The client of the future has changed forever. Today’s real estate customers are not only beginning their search online – client communication is happening online to the same degree. In order to succeed in real estate, the modern agent must be on the same platform preferred by the new generation of buyers and sellers.

So there you have it… practical advice from agents & brokers who are currently enjoying success like never before by utilizing digital tools like to expand their reach, automatically drawing 40-60 leads in per month into their inbox; significant enhancing their real estate business. Call us and we’ll provide you with just the right surfboard in order to ride these new market waves!