Simmering hot Vancouver and Toronto markets push Canadian home sales higher in 4Q

Published November 30, 2015 by Real Estate Leads

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Over the course of the past year Toronto home sales gained 3% to 8,620. Vancouver home sales rose by 7.6% in October to 3,748; for a gain of 19% from 1 year ago.

Canada’s home sales figures expanded in November to the 2nd highest levels in 6 years as demand held strong in the persistently hot home markets in Vancouver and Toronto metro areas.

However, the upward momentum wasn’t shared across the provinces. There were a number of markets where sales posted a monthly increase and those where sales fell, about evenly split. Across the country, overall this past year, sales rose 0.1%.

Prices in Vancouver metro were up 15.4% over the year. Greater Toronto was up 10.4%.

Prices for homes nationally as sold in October was $454,867, up 8.2% driven by the Toronto and Vancouver markets.

Aside from the Toronto & Vancouver markets, the average was $338,923, up 2.4% from a year ago.

Bank of Montreal’s chief economist’s have reported that the housing market has split into 3 basic groups: 1) Vancouver and Toronto – hot as an oven baking bread, the Prairie areas sagging along with the decrease in price of oil, and a middle-ground group that includes areas like Montreal and Ottawa. Saskatoon, Regina , Edmonton, Calgary had all posted double-digit sales declines in October and so far in November. Strikingly, Calgary’s home sales decreased 36% per cent from the past year; similarly across much of Alberta & Saskatchewan.

Crude oil prices are currently around $45(US) per barrel after a climb up to about $62(US) a barrel back in June. Over the year, the price of crude has dropped majorly from above $110(US) one year ago.

Canadian buyers are still in the market mostly to buy detached homes; which have been in short supply in Vancouver and Toronto. At the end of October there were 5 1/2 months of national inventory, down from 5 3/4 months in September. The smaller supply and constant demand has ebbed home prices higher; despite the options in term of the availability of condominiums.

This past October saw a greater divergence of Vancouver pricing from the whole rest of the country.

Sales-to-new listings ratio was 58% in October across Canada. A sales-to-new listings ratio between 40-60% implies generally consistent and balanced housing market conditions.

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