Visibility Interests in Better Lead Generation for Real Estate

Published January 8, 2024 by Real Estate Leads

Visibility Interests in Better Lead Generation for Real Estate

The way it has always worked with real estate clients is that it is prospective homebuyers are the ones that are most often happened upon by realtors who are hosting open houses or occupied in other facets of doing their jobs. Homeowners that are living in the home currently and thinking about selling may inquire about the realtor they worked with when buying the home, but if it’s been years or decades that may be less likely. As a realtor there is everything to be gained from being made aware of these folks before they go looking to contact a realtor themselves.

Visibility as a real estate agent is an interconnected part of the way agents will try to generation leads for real estate. Or they should be, because as much as paid real estate lead generation services like ours here at Real Estate Leads are effective there is so much more that can be gained from client-base building efforts of all sorts when potential clients think of you or remember you when they start thinking let’s get the ball rolling with selling this home and making the next move in our lives.

There are always going to be all sorts of ideas for real estate lead generation ideas, and in our last blog entry here we talked about making smart partnerships where you as a realtor offer to promote someone else’s business in return for them recommending you as a realtor and getting leads that way. With this second real estate topic blog of the weeks we’re going to look at ways you can be more visible as a real estate agent and we’re not just talking about bus bench ads and the like.

Well, immediately after saying that here we are stating that realtors who want to be more visible should consider traditional media if they’re not using it already. It is true that sometimes the best avenues to get your brand out and attract new clients are the methods realtors in your parents’ era might have used. Billboards, bench signs, and print ads can all be excellent resources to generate leads for real estate. With the right person passing by and more than a little lit on something you could be top-of-mind when they’re looking for their next agent.

Be Seen As a Niche Realtor

Most realtors who are niche realtors catering to a more-specific buyer or seller clientele are likely doing so in one that is based on either a location or a style of home, and of course many times certain types of homes are more predominantly found in specific regions of a city, Province, or even in the country as a whole. Plus a lot of people are very particular about where they will be living and how it lines up with the lifestyle they want to have for themselves.

If you’re a realtor who specializes in a certain neighborhood, historic homes, or helping clients find their perfect apartment then you want to make the effort so that you’re renowned as that person by as many people as possible. This will be an additional way to increase the likelihood of success with lead generation for real estate. Ideally you develop a reputation as the go-to realtor for these kinds of buyers and sellers. Plus it’s more natural to become a niche realtor when you grew up there and even better if you’ve lived in one of those homes or owned one yourself at some point in your life if you’re a realtor.

Here are common real estate niches, and as you’ll see there are other buyer prerogatives in them: historic homes / mid-century modern homes. luxury homes. / neighborhoods / student rentals/ school districts / 1st-time homebuyers / condos or apartments / slums / distressed properties / senior homes / vacation homes / commercial or industrial real estate

Use Coming Soon Signs

We’re going to continue with how real estate lead generation ideas can include improving on existing communication channels you have, and perhaps even making better use of them. This is not an aspect of it that most will talk about with this stuff, but ‘Coming Soon’ and ‘Sold’ signs shown on social media or a property’s lawn, are a tried-and-true way to generate interest. It creates a level of anticipation for the buyer because if they are ready to buy or sell a home they envision how they’ll be benefitting in that same scenario.

This also makes no mention of how the affect is magnified when home are shown to have sold for over asking in __ amount of weeks. No real estate agent in Canada will need to have the benefit of that explained to them.

Attend Open Houses

Notice we said attend open houses, and not host open houses. No one suggests you should drive across town, but if there is an open house that is not far from where you are there is no reason you can’t attend and speak to people if they take the initiative to speak to you first. Some realtors have very creative ways of doing that, and some of them may be more appropriate than others. But this is again a way for you to be visible in the 1st person and you may make just the right impression on someone who might want to work with you moving forward as they house hunt.


All of your real estate lead generation ideas are going to have a little more pop and potential to them if you’re as visible as you can possibly be as a real estate agent working in that area and specializing in the types of properties that you do. Then you have the option of also weighing whether you’d like to invest in paid real estate leads to really supercharge you client generation efforts, and if so you are already in the right place here at Real Estate Leads.