24-Hour Touch Ups That Can Help Buyers Legitimize Asking Price

Published November 23, 2020 by Real Estate Leads

This week we’re going to segue back to the topic of things you can do as realtor to help your clients sell their home more quickly and, in some instances, for more than they thought they’d be able to. This may be beyond the standard scope of what clients might expect from their realtor, but don’t think for a minute advice like this won’t go a long way in establishing you as a home sales expert. People talk – and people refer agents they think highly of to their friends and family when the opportunity exists.

And that’s important for many reasons, not the least of which is that real estate is always going to be a competitive business and anything you can do to grow new clients out of existing ones is a big plus. Of course, establishing that original clientele is key, and that’s why our online real estate lead generation system here at Real Estate Leads is such a good choice for realtors who are new to the business. But in truth it’s not a bad choice for realtors who are well established too

But back to topic, here are 7 quick and not-too-difficult jobs that you can suggest to your home seller clients that may make just the difference needed for prospective buyers to pay the asking price for the home, or darn close to it!

  • Refresh Grout For a Sparkling New and Clean Look

Buyers always put a premium on a master bathroom that meets their expectations. Layout and amenities are one thing, but the appearance of the bathroom during a viewing is always a factor too. Specialty grout stain removers and cleaners are never expensive and the job usually only requires and hour or so of vigorous scrubbing and then washing clean. The bathroom will have a much ‘newer’ look to it, and your buyers will likely benefit from it appearing that way.

  • Change Lighting to Create Moods and Ambiance for Rooms

A warm white light from specially chosen LED bulbs makes for a welcoming environment when potential buyers are entering a specific area of the home you and your clients feel is a key part of its appeal. When outdated fixtures are taking away from a home’s otherwise modern styling, suggest they go with more design-neutral replacements that won’t make less of the property’s charms. Again, a fix up that goes a long way while not costing very much at all.

  • Repainting Doors to Create an Updated and Inviting Entryway

Make clear that you’re not asking them to repaint the whole interior of the home here, and stress that repainting doorways with a fresh coat goes a long way for suggesting a well-kept and maintained home. Plus, remind them that the front door of the home is the first thing buyers will see as they approach to view the home. Changing out generic doorknobs and switch-plates to add an updated flare is a good idea too.

  • Shine Up Windows

There’s no debating the fact that cleanliness goes a long way in indicating a home has been well-cared for, and that understanding really resonates with prospective buyers. Cleaning the inside and outside of windows not only refreshes a room, it also allows light to infuse the space more thoroughly and natural lighting in living spaces is a HUGE appeal for anyone considering purchase of a home.

  • Give Some Time to Closet Spaces

Interior storage space is big for buyers too, and especially in regards to closets and cabinets. Let your clients know that spending 30 minute ensuring they’re clean and clear and that hangers are spaced evenly and organized and the floor is clean is a very good idea.

  • Get Rid of Appliance Stains

Most sellers will be selling the home with the installed appliances included for the buyer, and if yours are the same then you should let them know that spending some time and elbow grease getting those appliances as clean as possible – on both the inside and outside – is also a smart decision that will add to the overall appeal for open house visitors.

Suggest they get some stainless steel polish, electric cooktop polish, and stain removing pads for the kitchen sink to take their appliances and make them look much newer to the eye.

  • Organize Garage and Basement Areas

Buyers want to see at least the appearance of space that will be at their disposal in areas of the home like this. This is especially true of a garage. Organizing and decluttering these spaces can add to the positive impact that’s made on would-be buyers. Instead of telling prospective buyers how much storage space there is, have them make it so these areas speak for themselves in that way by making them as tidy, organized, and visually spacious as possible.

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