4 Features Would-Be Homebuyers Nearly Always Check

Published January 14, 2019 by Real Estate Leads

Here we are now with 2 weeks behind us in the 2019 New Year, and if you’re like most realtors in Canada you are well into your newly schedule efforts to build your real estate business into a bigger one than it was last year. There’s nothing that goes further for a realtor than A) being a knowledgeable expert on the local market, and B) having a strong understanding of what are the leading prerogatives most buyers have when considering the purchase of a home.

We’re going to focus on the 2nd half of that today here, and it’s true that being accurately dialed-in to what your clients want in a home goes a long way in making them regard you as a legit pro when it comes to real estate. That of course then means a greater likelihood of them referring you to others who need the services of a real estate agent, and referrals are huge for building your client base.

And as far as building your client base through effective prospecting, our online real estate lead generation system for realtors here at Real Estate Leads is a proven effective way of expediting the process of you identifying prospective home sellers and / or buyers and then meeting with them for the opportunity to secure them as clients.

Most realtors who choose to get onboard with Real Estate Leads quickly come to see it as marketing budget funds well spent, as it does increase their customer base. But enough about that for now, today let’s have a look at 4 features that are priorities for nearly every would-be homebuyer when viewing a home listed on the market.


Surely we agree that we spend a lot of time in bathrooms. Time doing hair and makeup, showering or having baths to relax as well as for relieving ourselves a few times a day. It’s for these reasons buyers put a priority on quality bathrooms. If you have clients selling a home, it’s advisable to have them really do up the bathrooms so that they look great for open houses. Prospective buyers will make determinations about whether it’s bright enough, if the mirrors are the right size, if there is enough counter space, and if they tub is to their liking.

The aim should be so that the buyer is able to picture themselves living in the space. Make sure the bathroom is in tip-top shape and staged correctly. Ensure the grout is clean in the bath or shower, amenities are unused, and a fresh loofa or bar of soap is there in the shower. Little details like these will keep the room feeling fresh and provide potential buyers with the opportunity to see themselves in the space day in and out if they were to own the home.

Living space

Most will know that this part of the home is where buyers will put the bulk of their focus – along with the kitchen. This is the space that is lived in the most and often used for entertaining. Advise your clients that they need to maximize the space here by removing extra clutter and keeping it as open space as possible. Sofas and chairs should be completely clear, and the same goes for end and coffee tables. Ensure the mantles and all ledges are dusted – dust anywhere is a big turn off for prospective buyers.


The need to have your kitchen be appealing to would-be buyers goes without saying, any family will spend a LOT of time in the kitchen of their home, and that’s true whether it’s a detached home or a condo or anything in between. Let your clients know that function is the key selling point here. Have them remove any clutter, remove small appliances from the countertops and ensure everything is clean. This includes the inside of the fridge, as this is actually quite important to having the buyer envisioning themselves cooking and entertaining in the space.


This one may seem very out of place considering the location and amenity theme we have going here, but it’s a well-known fact that buyers are super sensitive to smells and home and will allow them to sway their decisions very regularly.

That’s because senses have a huge impact on what a buyer thinks and how they remember a home. Instruct your clients to do whatever it takes to ensure no overwhelming scents are found in the home – and that includes ones that they consider to be ‘good’ smells too. Essentially you want as much of a scent neutral home as possible.

A good tip you can share with them is place a dab of vanilla on a light bulb or two throughout the house to give it a welcoming smell that still isn’t overpowering.


If your clients are selling a detached home, make them aware that many buyers do put a good deal of stock into how the driveway looks and particularly if it’s leading to a doored garage. Renting a power washer and degreasing their driveway is a good choice, and if it’s a cobblestone driveway then making sure there’s no abundance of weed tufts growing out between the stones is worth the effort too.

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