6 Effective Approaches to Cultivating a Mindset of Abundance as an Agent

Published January 7, 2020 by Real Estate Leads

Seeing as how it’s a brand new year – and a brand new decade too – we thought it would be best to start our entries for 2020 with one that’s all about the philosophies behind being successful as a real estate agent. Which is, of course, what all of you are aiming to do! No matter what profession you’re in, however, there is always so much to be gained by taking these philosophical approaches and letting them guide you in making the decisions you’ll make in the interest of furthering yourself.

All of this will come before specific interests, and that’s as it should be. Generating clientele is going to be a primary consideration, and that’s a challenge for all new realtors and more than a few established ones as well. To that end, here at Real Estate Leads our online real estate lead generation system is an excellent way to give you more power to be put in touch with individuals or couples who are genuinely looking to sell or buy a home.

To today’s subject though, it’s true that as a real estate professional, it’s most beneficial to have an overarching approach to your career from a mindset of abundance. This will help you to create a new, innovative approaches to success, and it will also help you maintain a positive, enthusiastic attitude to your business that resonates very effectively with prospective buyers and sellers who will be deciding on a realtor to work with.

Here are our 6 effective approaches to establishing a mindset of abundance for a realtor.

1. Have Appreciative Conversations

When a realtor is having conversations with friends and family, it’s good to try to focus on the multitude of things that you are fortunate to have in life. Staying optimistic and engaging others in discussing the positive things in their lives as well creates a real atmosphere of positivity and appreciation for the goodness in one’s life. Discuss the big goals they’re working on, and share your big long-term goals with them too.

2. Organize Your Life and Workspace

It’s entirely true that having a clean home and office environment helps us to relax and focus our minds. Further, going through all of your ‘things’ while you’re organizing is a very good means of giving yourself an effective reminder of all you have in life. Plus, being organized will help you take all the benefits you’ve gained and use them to your best advantage, rather than focusing on new ones you haven’t yet acquired that may lead you to get ahead of yourself in evaluating your career and what you can do to advance it best.

3. Reduce Media Consumption

As tough as it may be, it is hugely beneficial to limit your exposure to the ‘doom and gloom’ that is favoured by major media outlets in North America. Why is it like that? Well, negative stories tend to captivate viewers and thus dominate airtime. The reality, however, is that this adds an incredible amount of drama and negativity to the media.

Without going into additional unnecessary detail, it’s best to avoid adding negativity to your life by consuming media. No one’s going to suggest that you quit watching the news entirely, but try to reduce the time you spend on it to the minimum required to stay current with today’s events and you may find it does wonders for fostering a positive outlook for yourself – and one that will manifest itself in your business and professional demeanour quite readily if you give it time to do so.

4. Share What You Have with Others

So much to be said for sharing time, knowledge, money and possessions with other people in your life, and allowing this to improve your own character and outward persona as a result of doing so. It will help you to feel good when you help others, and when you share with others you’ll find that they’re more willing to return that gift with positivity they can share with you. It’s very empowering, and business people who practice this in their life both at work and away from it tend to be more successful than their counterparts who don’t engage in the same time of generosity.

5. Try to Establish “Win-Win” Situations

It’s possible to bust out of the “win-lose” mentality of scarcity by working to create situations where everyone is a winner. This is especially important in real estate negotiations. Rather than trying to hold out on one particular requirement in the deal, make the effort to find flexibility in the detail. This will put you in a better position to compromise and still be able to be satisfied with what you’ve achieved for both yourself and your client.

The goal should be to move from a competitive approach of ‘me vs you’ to a more collaborative partnership where everyone understands that deals happen most frequently when the interested parties understand it’s a give and take arrangement 99% of the time. When that happens, everybody is a winner.

6. Look for Positives in Losses

All of us – realtor or otherwise – go through periods of success and failure in life — and being accepting of loss isn’t something that comes naturally to humans. Working through financial or personal loss can be difficult, but try not to let it change your mindset to one where you’re focusing and concerning yourself with scarcity rather than focusing on creating abundance – despite these challenges. A balanced perspective is a smarter choice. It might not offset the negatives you’re experiencing, but it’ll help you get through the difficult times and keep your mindset of abundance.

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