6 Spots You’d Never Guess Buyers Will Look At When Viewing a Home

Published July 31, 2018 by Real Estate Leads

Young man checking looking inside small closet in new room after or before moving in, during open house

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again; a lot of what makes a realtor a reputable one in the eyes of prospective clients is the relation of being knowledgeable about the industry in a way that your average realtor is not. As a new realtor, you want to become that realtor sooner rather than later, so doing everything you can to get up to speed on every aspect of what the businesses of buying and selling homes entails is highly advisable.

Of course, all of this hinges on actually having those prospective clients in front of you. That in itself is nothing more than an opportunity. What you do then will determine whether or not they become clients. Here at Real Estate Leads, our online real estate lead generation system is an excellent way to create more of those types of opportunities. Today, we’ll share some proven facts about spots in a home that you would likely never guess a prospective buyer would look at during an open house, but in fact they do. Brush up, and share your knowledge with your prospective clients when the opportunity arises!

  1. The Kitchen Cupboards

Advise home selling clients to take the time to neatly organize their cupboards, as buyers are quite likely to sneak a peek inside. If those cabinets are bursting at the seams, the impression given will be that there’s not enough cupboard space. Have clients pack up dishes, kitchenware, and non-perishable foods that they seldom use, and leave only a tidy array of a few dishes and other serving wares in the cupboards. In addition, giving the insides a good wipe and covering up scratches with shelf liners are also good ideas.

  1. Under Sinks

When buyers are genuinely interested in a home, they’re certainly going to be on the lookout for any indications of plumbing problems. Have it seen to that any under-the-sink cabinetry is tidy and clean. If leaks exist, of course your clients will have to have them professionally repaired.

  1. Bedroom Closet

Most house hunters will take a quick peek inside a bedroom closet to survey the space. Closet appeal can be boosted big time by packing up at least a quarter of the clothes your clients have hanging inside, and making some space on the shelves is advisable too. Even if it’s a smaller closet, these moves will suggest to would-be buyers that the closet space is more than sufficient.

  1. Cold Cellars and Cubby Holes

Most detached houses will have one: a little room or space built out of sight, where only the most unused household possessions will be located for those once-in-nearly-forever times they’re needed. Prospective buyers may well find their way into them as well, so be certain to sweep away the cobwebs, and show off the storage potential rather than a strange and uninviting or perhaps even intimidating area of the home.

  1. Inside the Shower

Be assured that drawn shower curtains won’t convince prospective buyers to not have a look at the tub and / or shower. They will want to know what they might be faced with every morning. Missing caulking or water or mildew staining or discolouration is a big no-no. Have your clients repair what they can, keep shampoo and soap tidy with a shower caddy, and last but not least wipe everything dry before buyers arrive to see the home.

  1. The Garage

Yes, it is perfectly natural to make the garage a catch-all for what’s been cleared out of any space in the home but isn’t ready to be disposed of quite yet. Make sure your clients understand that would-be buyers will come with the perspective that this is where they’re going to place their vehicle. The centre space should be kept clear, and using hooks and shelves to keep tools and other items organized is advisable too. Don’t forget to have them sweep up any leaves and outdoor debris.

When a house is on the market, there’s virtually no space that’s off limits to buyers’ prying eyes. Keep in mind that you’d be the same way, and also that how thoroughly they look around is often a reflection of how interested they are in buying the property.

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