Get Up and Go: 7 Real Estate Client Prospecting Ideas

Published December 21, 2023 by Real Estate Leads

7 Real Estate Client Prospecting IdeasA legit online real estate lead generation service is what we offer for realtors in Canada here, and as you’ve probably heard before anything worth its salt as a service likely isn’t going to be inexpensive. Our paid real estate leads in Canada are not cheap per se either, but the explicit reason for that is that there is quite a bit that goes into digging up and verifying leads for people who are genuinely ready to make a move in the real estate market. The reality is if we had leads that routinely went nowhere we wouldn’t be retaining realtors that are signed up with us the way that we have for years.

Our online real estate lead generation system here at Real Estate Leads that is built for location targeted marketing in real estate, but as we’ve also said before the real estate lead provided is only half of the equation in converting real estate leads into clients. You’ll need to have the ability to present and carry yourself well as an agent and you’ll need to keep in mind that it will be unlikely you’ll be meeting any of these prospective clients without some type of written communication (email most likely) although it’s possible you may be able to speak with them on the phone or with them.

It’s for all these reasons and more that you need to look at the way you utilize the leads and see them only as only contributor in your efforts to get more clients as a real estate agent. It will be very beneficial is you see building a client base as more of an organic prospecting effort. So with that in mind we have 7 real estate client prospecting ideas for you here with this entry.

  1. Be Realistic with Real Estate Prospecting Goals

When you’re new to this it can be hard to envision how many prospects you need to contact in order to establish one buyer’s or seller’s listing appointment. If that’s you a general suggestion is that you start with 5 contacts per day, but also talk to your broker about the firm’s average or what is standard for your market. Put as much as you’re capable of into it and then manage your expectations at the other end understanding it takes time to build a real estate client base when you’re new to the business.

  1. List Out Real Estate Prospecting Ideas

Your definition of prospecting in real estate can be undertaking any activity that directly involves verbal or in-person contact with people with the aim of convincing them to work with you as their realtor if they decide to either buy or sell a home. Fortunately there are tried & true real estate prospecting tactics and you should try all of them and then see which ones best suit your self-promotion style.

These are going to be obvious to you for the most part – call or visit people you know, canvass neighborhoods through cold calls or visits, harass seniors, contact the owners of expired or foreclosure listings, and ask former satisfied clients for real estate lead referrals. Another idea might be to sponsor an open house for a seller, and then of course doing what is called ‘floor duty’ at your real estate office where you are the realtor people meet with in if they are walk-ins is a good choice too.

  1. Be Judicious With Your Time

One of the realities about being new to the real estate business is that it is hard for agents to determine whether leads are going cold or whether there is still a realistic possibility that person(s) will still work with you as their realtor in the purchase or sale of a home. You don’t want to waste your time focusing on cold leads and dead ends. What you need to do is during initial conversations with real estate prospects you should learn how to be more direct in asking how motivated they are to buy or sell and when they foresee making any such decision. This will allow prioritize those people who are willing and able to do so in the shortest timeframe.

  1. Secure Leads

You’ve almost certainly also heard that it’s the early bird that gets the worm, and that can apply to the way you follow up with real estate leads too.When you come into possession of a real estate lead, online or otherwise, you should make sure you make some type of effort to contact the persons by the means they’ve volunteered. Do it within 2 or 3 days at the least. Estimates are that it is between 60 and 90 days from the time you start prospecting to when you’d receive a commission from working with a buyer / seller client.

Right from day one, successful realtors who are new to the profession will spend enough time developing real estate prospecting ideas, following through on prospecting goals and activities, and following up with their contacts. This will ensures that they secure and maintain a solid amount of quality leads.

  1. Start Prospecting Daily

The majority of real estate agents in Canada will tell you that some sort of client prospecting effort should be made at least once daily from Monday to Friday, and that this is what’s needed to create a pipeline of real estate prospects that will grow and sustain your business. Making a bunch of calls for two days straight and then nothing for a week won’t cut it. Instead, you need to treat prospecting the same way you would any other important appointment. Plus, every day you should evaluate your prospecting efforts and set objectives for the next day.

  1. Stay in Lanes

A lot of real estate prospecting and initial contacts will be made over the phone, it is important to know about and adhere to any legal policies related to Do Not Call Registries in Canada. The DNCR state and national databases contain the phone numbers of consumers who have elected not to be solicited by companies they do not already have business dealings with. You could be penalized or fined if you contact someone to inquire about real estate but you’re in violation when you do so. So make sure that you register with the DNCR and check what numbers are already listed in the national database.

  1. Read Into People (7th Real Estate Client Prospecting Ideas)

The last thing we will say about looking at real estate generation as bigger-picture client prospecting is that a lot of realtors who do well with this are able to make smart, intuitive, and accurate assumptions about the types of people they’re speaking. And of course we don’t always mean literally as in person-to-person conversation, this is often through text or email communications. For example, some realtors may quickly come to realize that this potential client is going to likely have these vocational or avocational interests.

That may give them the inclination to say suggest they do meet in person to discuss a real estate lead in person, especially if they’re upfront about their homebuying or selling plans that are likely to materialize in the near future. Depending on what you’ve ascertained about them you might suggest it’s best to do that in a coffee shop – or a peeler bar. Which one you’ll suggest will be based on what you’re picking about the person and what type of prospective real estate client they are.


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