Half Million Dollar Bonus Offered for Realtor Bringing Buyer for Vancouver Condo

Published October 26, 2020 by Real Estate Leads

Nearly all of us have been told that we will do well in life if we always ‘aim high’. While that can apply to accomplishments along any career path, when you look at it from the perspective of a real estate agent it is best paired with a real hunger for $. You can make any judgment you like about the propriety of that, but it is what it is. Nearly all of the most successful realtors make no apologies for their love of earning the biggest commissions and earning them over their competitors.

It’s always been true that if you’re going to have success in this business, you do need to have a naturally competitive side to you. As this is a competitive business no matter how you slice and no matter where in the world you’re working as a real estate agent. Some people will say you need to be a ‘go-getter’ and here at Real Estate Leads we definitely agree with that. Our online real estate lead generation system is an excellent resource for new realtors who are in fact go-getters and would like to get to the ‘getting’ of it all sooner rather than later.

Building a name for yourself in this business is all important, and then identifying opportunities where you can make the big money working as a real estate agent.

Which leads us to today’s topic, and one we simply need to share with our readership base here considering the safe assumption that all of you are realtors. This one will be relevant to realtors who work in our neck of the woods here, and in one of Canada’s most desirable housing markets – Vancouver.

$500K To Be Had On Top of Commissions

We’ll also assume you have access to the MLS, and if you’re a Vancouver realtor then you should be familiarizing yourself with one particular listing at the Alberni Tower development at the corner of Alberni and Cardero in the city’s west end. Unit 3902 at 1150 Alberni Street, to be exact.

This building will not complete until 2021, but sales of these units are picking up steam as the building promises the very best in upscale condo living in the city.

The listing price for this extremely spacious and well-appointed unit is in the vicinity of 14 million, and yes that’s a price tag that will eliminate a LOT of potential buyers. But if you’re familiar with Vancouver and what buyers are willing to pay for homes here, it still leaves plenty of potential buyers on the horizon.

And so here’s the deal – if you bring the seller a buyer who completes their purchase of this home, the seller if offering a $500,000 bonus on top of the 3.22% commission rate on the first $100K and then 1.15% on the remaining balance. It’s estimated that the realtor will walk away with something in the vicinity of $661,700 and it’s believed this could well be the highest bonus ever recorded.

Exceptional Condo Home

We’re sure you can do your homework, but to just touch on what this home has going for it; 4,030 sq. ft with three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a spacious locker, two parking spaces, and a private Japanese-inspired garden on the balcony. The building itself has intricate designs, an expansive moss garden, a pool, hot tub and sauna, a Japanese restaurant, a 24-hour concierge, and commercial spaces at the bottom of the building.

If you have a buyer who’d like the sound of that and has the financial means to purchase this home, it’s high time to get a move on and make yourself some serious money!

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