Some Good Listing Presentation Tips

Published September 14, 2015 by Real Estate Leads

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As a professional real estate agent, how much do you wish to succeed with your next listing presentation? Of course, 100% !

In order to convince prospective home sellers that you, the real estate agent, will sell their property the fastest, and also for the highest amount, as you know, certain bases have to be covered. The listing presentation should highlight your experience, plus your exceptional marketing strategies.

With that goal in mind, below are various important listing techniques that will help you impress your prospects and win more listings:

A. Publish a Single Property Website
Single property websites are a major differentiation. All sellers wish to have a dedicated website for their property’s listing! Learn to use WordPress, or get webmastering help from a professional web hosting company, such as 4GoodHosting. There are dozens of beautiful real estate themes to choose from. A CMS (Content Management System), and we recommend WordPress as a free ans powerful easy to use CMS, really makes developing single property websites a cinch!

B. Be Punctual
Arriving on-time for the listing appointment shows your customer that you are showing consideration for and respect for their schedule. If you arrive late, they will initially feel miffed and will wonder how else you might disappoint them in the future. On the other hand, if you arrive too early, they may not be ready for you, and it could make them feel uncomfortable or rushed.

C. Extoll on your Marketing Process
Explain to them how you are going to help them spruce-up their home in order to sell it for the highest amount in the shortest, if not record time. Are you planning to help them stage their home? Do you provide them resources that tells them what to expect and how to prep for showings? If repairs or paint is needed, do you offer any services who are able to get the job done right away and for a good price?

D. Discuss Your Photography Strategy
You of course know that great photos will help showcase the house online and will better attract interested buyers in the door. Explain to the owners how many photos you plan to take, and if you will use a professional photographer, or a high definition camera. Show them some photographs from other listings which you have most recently sold.

E. Your Brand
Your or your company’s brand should induce a strong feeling of trust in your brokerage and it’s abilities. Discuss the accomplishments and abilities of your brokerage. What sets your package apart from others? What assurances can your brand provide to prospects?

F. If you can, present a good score sheet
A good technique at gaining trust is show your sales history in a printed document, or pdf, that is easy to review. Do you have a good list price compared to sell price ratio? Most helpful would be showing any impressive recent sales? This information makes for a good “leave behind”, or email it to clients in advance of your meeting, to get the excitement level up in advance.

G. Be Upfront & Honest about Pricing
Pricing is usually the biggest topic of interest during a listing conversation, along with marketing strategies, address the issue directly and don’t instantly agree if the owner desires to overprice. Walk the client through various pricing options and then come to a sensible number that everyone can agree upon. Expertise and transparency are two attributes clients usually look for in their chosen agent.

H. Show them your social media “Likes”
When people “like” you on social media, it is an implied endorsement. Also if you have used Facebook or Twitter ads to additionally market properties before; show them some examples.

I. Generally listen and listen closely to your customers’ specific needs
Enough said.