What is a DRIP campaign as it relates to the world of Real Estate?

Published February 29, 2016 by Real Estate Leads

RealEsateLeadsDripping is a drip email campaign application. The following explanation will help get you attaining more leads delivered uniquely to you through this service.

The drip email campaign process…

Our service goes beyond bringing in leads directly to your account and inbox. Our drip email campaign service is the best known way for you to keep in touch with leads and prospects that might not be quite ready to take the next step in the buying process. The emails our system sends are branded with your name, your company name, your logo (optional) and a link back to your agent website in which you specify; so as to not be forgotten about in their minds.

So, how does it work?

Prospects visit the advertising pages that we create for your lead campaign; prospects in real-time are driven to these pages through our business relationships with search engines.

Once a prospect enters their information through the online forms we advertise, the prospects are automatically added to your database and to your drip email campaign; and then they will begin receiving follow-up emails at predetermined intervals. These emails also contain helpful information.

These email “drips” will generate return visits to your agent site, greatly increasing the odds that your prospect will contact you directly, when they are ready to buy or sell. Drip emails are therefore an efficient & consistent way to keep following up; after you have received a new lead.

Both home buyer & seller leads are generated by our system. Buyer leads are funneled in a similar manner through advertising on websites that are most likely to be visited by those considering the purchase of a home. Selling leads are brought in by techniques such as: advertising a free home evaluation through a network of sites that showcase newly listed homes, housing market trends information on the purchase of foreclosures, etc. The process matches up sufficient criteria, it is then passed along to you. The person/couple will automatically receive an introductory email from you thanking them from you, and also to provide them with listings that match their search criteria for the area they have specified.

How did our service become in demand by agents all over Canada? In other words, why wouldn’t these leads have already looked up a local agent? Well in this age, rather than make a call to a local brokerage as their first move, prospective sellers & buyers typically are first found collecting information and researching over the internet prior to reaching out to an agent. People generally tend to want to be at least somewhat knowledgeable before speaking with an agent. With our expertise with search engine rankings and ad-placement on lead generation websites we are able to funnel leads directly to our clients. Prospects are in turn pleased to have a notable professional real estate agent familiar with their area referred to them.

But will the leads I contract for also be made available to other agents? No – because that is our promise. Our service makes each particular territory available to only one agent exclusively. Other services could potentially sell a territory to multiple real estate agents; forcing you to immediately scramble to be the first one to contact them, but not with Your territory, is YOUR territory exclusively. We promise and guarantee it. We are very concerned about our future business reputation.

Ready to begin receiving a great amount of leads per month guaranteed through a monthly account with We only wish to maintain long-lasting business relationship with our clients, and you won’t be disappointed in the results, which is of course an increased number of monthly sales.


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