Wonderful Current Apps for Real Estate Agents

Published April 25, 2016 by Real Estate Leads
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RealEasteLeads_ca_appsbAlthough no two agents are identical in how they get organized and conduct their business. Each will have a unique set of needs and preferences that dictate what real estate apps they use. Having said that, there are several smartphone, tablet, and desktop apps real estate agents and brokers should try that they may not have heard of yet. We’ve listed dozens of the top-trending ones for 2016 below.

For the sake of providing a list of the best business apps you may not know about already, we’ll leave off the obvious ones, like those for social media accounts, and instead focus on new and trending apps in 2016 that can support your core business activities (real estate marketing and sales). Also, since this is not the end-all, be-all list of the most popular apps for agents and brokers, we’d love to find out what apps you use to enhance your bottom line, keep in touch with leads and clients, and conduct other tasks. Ask 1,000 real estate agents what the best apps for business are and you’ll get 1,000 distinct lists featuring an array of different tools.


FlowVella is a simplified platform that is helpful with comparative market analysis (CMA) presentations and consultations. You can add images, video and audio clips, and create attractive slides. Then you can easily share your creations with prospects. Win clients with FlowVella!

Other good choices: Swipe, Bunkr, & Haiku Deck


Get where you are going fast! Even if you leave for showings well before they begin, traffic is always in your favour. Waze provides a solution to the conundrum of knowing the best route to take wherever you are. You don’t have to worry about ending up in a traffic jam on the highway or stuck behind construction crews for miles, thanks to this innovative app which crowdsources info on traffic situations pretty much everywhere.

Other good choices: Voyager, Scout, & inRoute

AM Open House

AM Open House is a digital guestbook. It has real estate-based CRM integration with several platforms with automated follow-up emails. This app will help you with your showings and make each of them into more of a success. After an open house, this app will help you share how the event went with your seller clients; including how many prospective buyers showed up and notes on those who came through the door

Other good choices: Open House Manager, & Open Home Pro


Localeur will help you find great restaurants nearby. This app will discover the best diners, cafes, bistros, and other great meet-up spots in the local area along with social recommendations similar to Yelp but with higher quality reviews. Quickly invite prospects, clients, & colleagues to the highest rated places; thereby increasing inspiring confidence in others.

Other good choices: HeyLets, Zomato, & Yelp


Business trips, come the hassle of recording/expensing purchases. Concur, allows you to easily share your spending tabs with your manager. Take photos of your receipts: and you’re efficiently and accurately covered for food, lodging, and other expenses. It will also help you stay under budget.

Other good choices: Expensify, Neat & Xero


Real estate agents constantly dialog with leads, clients, and associates every day. Smartly organizing your inbox is possible through great email apps like Mailbox; which helps your organize folders for particular types of email you receive, setting reminders & tasks based on those emails.

Other good choices: IQTell, Zero, & Inky


Keeping in mind every password for every website account can make you go bananas – and potentially waste a lot of your valuable time – that is, unless you use a helpful app such as 1Password.

Other good choices: : LoginBox, oneSafe, & SplashID,


Closing deals and finalizing paperwork for a variety of tasks is no longer something you need to complete in the office. DocuSign has become a highly trusted name in the real estate sphere, and for good reason. Its app simplifies a once-headache-inducing duty among agents and brokers. Going paperless is a pretty big trend in the real estate community today that can streamline your work.

Other good choices: HelloSign, SignEasy, CudaSign & Authentisign

Evernote Scannable

Going entirely paperless will never really happen, but there are ways to deal with paper via some top-notch apps to hit the iOS and Android marketplaces, including this one from Evernote. Scan receipts, offer sheets, and any other files that are vital to your real estate transactions by using Scannable and save yourself from having to use an actual scanner back at the office to ensure everything is digitally saved.

Other good choices: OneReceipt, CamScanner, & Shoeboxed


lnfinit offers limitless-size file sharing at super-fast speeds. This relatively new storage and sharing app (and includes a desktop client too) facilitates sharing photo & video, videos, docs, and many more types of files between smartphones & PCs.

Other good choices: Box, Dropbox, & Google Drive


With RescueTime you can maintain consistent rhythm with your social media posting, blogging, email marketing & other promotional tasks that will you reap the benefits of your inbound efforts. This tool can substantially aid your constant endeavor to master digital marketing. It keeps you on track to complete all of your daily tasks and that can make the most of your business day.

Other good choices: MyLifeOrganized, Freedom, Focus Booster


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