Producing Compelling and Persuasive Tweets For Your Real Estate Business

Published January 19, 2016 by Real Estate Leads

tweet-thisUtilizing online tools to market your real estate business is viewed as a “must” today for agents; likewise your website is equally indispensable.

Tweets and other forms of social media outlets are valuable assets beyond your website. Twitter and Facebook are effective for connecting with and engaging with prospects, customers, and former clients (referral sources).

Twitter is an especially effective tool for agents to utilize to grow their business. Twitter an open (and free) platform; so you can engage with literally anyone. Twitter is as easy as can be to use from your office pc or your smartphone while you are out and about.

Twitter allows you to easily post links, photos, and videos – which all add more dimension to your tweets. Using #hashtags in your tweets (a word or phrase preceded with the # character) allows you to extend the conversation beyond your following; therefore increasing your potential reach.

Perhaps you are already quite the tweeter? If not, and you are ready to start building (or improving) your tweets, then here are several tips on how to produce engaging and compelling tweets.

Find the line between being personal and professional

Yes, we are all human. We need that human element, otherwise the internet, apps, and robots in diver-less cars would be able to easily replace us.

It is wonderful for your audience to get to know you on a personal level – (and possibly want to hire you as their agent). However, do be careful with the any personal information that you publicly share. For safety reasons, personal information also includes your location and whereabouts.

As we interface with the public, agents should be wary of revealing too much information. Be prudent… It would make sense to share details about your public open house; but less intelligent to share every location you are at or are planning to be at throughout your day.

Images can say more than 100 tweets

Quality photographs are more likely to catch the attention of a Twitter reader, especially if the photo is well chosen (and also looks like you personally took it instead of copied it from elsewhere). Currently you can include up to 4 photos/images in one tweet.

Using key #hashtags

Make sure you don’t clutter your tweets with more than three hashtags; vary it between one, two, and three hashtags. Use #hashtags when describing: the subject matter, a location, or your own personal tag-line that associates your brand as an agent.

Use #hashtags in a natural way

In other words, don’t group #hashtags at the end of your tweet.

Here is an example: ‘#Realestate prices in #Toronto are skyrocketing, but the market is now crashing in #Vancouver.’

This is better than tweeting: ‘Home prices in Toronto are skyrocketing while Vancouver’s market is crashing. #realestate #canada. #Toronto #Vancouver.’

Share your listings, however…

3/4 (75%) of your content should be a variety about lifestyle, real estate market news; relevant news articles, of potential interest to your audience; the other 1/4 (25%) should be about your listings. Imagine tweets just all about your listings; most people would find that quite boring.

Also it can be handy to use some scheduling tools like Tweetdeck, Buffer, and Hootsuite. These services will publish the tweets that you have entered in advance.

We hope you have found this article useful? If so, let us know, as we love hearing from you. You can find us on Twitter @realestleads. You can tweet us any questions you might have about our leads service, or to share something funny perhaps or to just say hi!

tweet-thisbto your colleagues to see your competition soar! jk 😉