Smart Cold Call Lead Scripts for Real Estate Lead Generation – Part 1

Published October 17, 2023 by Real Estate Leads
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Smart Cold Call Lead Scripts for Real Estate Lead Generation – Part 1

There’s the old but ever-true saying ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ and if we’re going to look at that in the context of a real estate agent making a good living in this profession then it really is quite true. Especially when it comes to what you’re going to do to generate new clients when they’re not coming to you as easily as you’d like. That’s the scenario for nearly all new realtors these days, and truth be told plenty of experienced realtors are struggling with this too nowadays.

It’s a competitive business, and it is entirely fair to say there are too many realtors in major urban regions of the country. Making a name for yourself based on real expertise and excellent service is fine, but you’re probably going to have to employ some of the traditional prospecting methods that were used previous generations of agents here in North America.

Cold calling may certainly not be every realtors cup of tea, but those who get over any uncomfortableness with it are the ones who’ll very likely see success with their real estate business. Some of the best leads for real estate agents are acquired this way, and at any given time there are multiples of people in any area who would be happy to speak with a real estate agent if one were to approach them. If that’s because they are considering the purchase or sale of a home then you will have ventured and gained.

Online real estate lead generation systems like ours here at Real Estate Leads are a smart and proven-effective way to use modern approaches to this need, and the power of Internet Marketing is nothing to be taken lightly when you’re building up a real estate client base. But you still need to get back to basics and do cold calling, and so here at the best ways to convert cold call leads into clients.

Great Script First

Successful real estate cold calls have everything to do with preparation, targeting and delivery. And all of this starts with having the right script for real estate cold calling. A well-built real estate script can help you fill your sales funnel and your CRM with new leads and prospects.

A real estate cold calling script is a pre-written dialogue that breaks the ice with potential clients over the phone, without coming across as too overtly sales-oriented or ‘pushy’ as it may be. It helps real estate agents generate new leads, build a rapport with prospects and ideally will lead potential customers to use your services. Realtors who’ve used them to their advantage will quickly say how they are in line with digging up the best leads for real estate agents.

With a script the fact that it is all written down ensures you are able to cover all the key areas of your pitch. That’s based on the understanding that there are certain prerogatives that will apply to all prospective clients, and those will need to be central in the communication you present with your script. But you should also have parts of it which are tailored to specific buyer-interest groups you may meet in the course of your cold calling efforts.

For a first-time buyer, you can create a script that details how you can help them navigate the process of buying a house when they have never done it before. Investors will be another interest group, and so you can incorporate a part of the script you can pivot to when you learn that this is where the individual interest lies.

Here are 3 types of cold calling scripts you can use as part of real estate lead generation, and we’ll add the remaining ones with our next blog entry detailing scripts for the best leads for real estate agents later this week.

  1. Your Initial Cold Calling Script

You’ll start by first introducing yourself, asking how they are doing today and then following up their response by identifying yourself as a real estate agent. You’ll then say that you’d be happy to help answer any questions they might have, but then it is important that you leave it there and say nothing more until they respond.

The biggest reason behind that pause if that the prospect will often warm to you when they see you understand they may be busy at this time. If they state that’s the case, thank them for their time and let them go but not before adding they can reach you at your real estate brokerage if they ask for you by name. That’s all, nothing more and nothing less.

Now oppositely if they do want to talk, then you can continue with what you have to say and gauging what sort of client prospect they are.

  1. Measuring of Interest Script

This script will be continuing on what we talked about at the end for #1 there, and specifically with gauging what type of client they may be. Homeowners who are looking to sell a home will usually identify themselves from homebuyers, and often without saying that explicitly about themselves. But asking the right questions in this script is the key to making that determination if they don’t do it for you.

This script measures a prospect’s interest in the market and whether they’d consider selling their property. If so, you’re best approach with them here is to state clearly that you may have clients who would be interested in making an offer on their home. No mention of ‘I can sell your home for’ or any of the other default lines that they’d expect to hear from a hustling realtor. Simply say that you regularly work with clientele who are keen to purchase homes like theirs in that particular neighborhood of that town or city.

The reason this is the best approach is that it paints you favorably as a realtor who has earned the business of clientele and likely has done so for some time. And that will be the type of realtors they’re more likely to want to work with. Ones who have made the best of their best leads for real estate agents. It is a sense that takes time to develop, but when you get good at making this assessment you can then move to being more promotional of yourself as a realtor.

  1. Community Champion Script

Realtors who are seen as being civic-minded tend to be held in higher regard by members of that community, and that will include 100% of homeowners there and the vast majority of those looking to buy a home in that city or town. If you have any part of your experience where you’ve contributed to community initiatives you can incorporate brief mentions of that into your script.