Smart Cold Call Lead Scripts for Real Estate Lead Generation – Part 2

Published October 20, 2023 by Real Estate Leads


Let’s continue on with what realtors can do to craft optimized scripts for converting the best real estate leads into clients that either buy or sell a home. We detailed how real estate agents in 2023 are in an entirely different world than what would have been the case for them even 10 or so years ago, and that doesn’t even touch on the fact that – quite simply – there are far too many realtors in North America nowadays and even the most successful ones will tell you the same thing.

The one takeaway you can make here is that if you do have the fortune of being presented with a lead – cold, warm, or hot – it needs to be imperative that you do everything you can to sway that individual or couple into choosing to work with you as a real estate agent. Real estate lead generation is certainly not easy, and that overflow of licensed realtor we talked about early has everything to do with that. Not enough of the pie to go around, but shortcomings with how realtors approach prospective clients is part of the reason it is difficult too.

It is for this reason that our online real estate lead generation system here at Real Estate Leads is advisable as it is for realtors who struggle with meeting and securing new clientele. But as much as we believe in what we offer here we can readily say admit that the best leads for real estate agents are not always gained through digital means.

So when you’re cold or warm calling as a means of first contacts you really need to be on top of your communication, and so let’s continue with what we started on last week with the best approaches to situation-specific scripts when you’re speaking to someone who is considering a real estate movement.

4.Leveraging Recent Sale Script

It’s smart to have a script written out and at the ready for when there is an opportunity to build trust with prospects by showing that you have sold properties in their local area, or alternately that you’ve guided clients to buying a home there that those people are very satisfied with. These types of scripts will also help you with circle prospecting techniques, as homeowners who live near your real estate listings will be pleased to learn who you are and your ‘track record’, if you will, in the area.

One thing that doesn’t need to be explained is how the best real estate agents are consistently building relationships that help them stay at the front of individual’s memory should they come to need a real estate agent at any time in the future.

With this one you should start with a clear and unassuming intro, along the lines of ‘Hi, I’m John from HomeHeart Real Estate. Am I speaking with the homeowner?’ or something along those lines. You should then wait for their confirmation before proceeding further by explaining that you have sold a property in the vicinity of theirs (providing address) and then explaining how all interest parties, including the eventual buyer, spoke very favorably about the community.

It is at this point that you can then ask if they have any interest in selling their home, but not before as the previous statements will reflect favorably on both your ability as a real estate professional AND the added value of their home based on where it is located.

If the person you speak to responds in a manner that is conducive to continuing the conversation you can then highlight other sales in the neighborhood that speak to homeowners receiving best returns on properties sold there. And yes, you absolutely need to be collecting and categorizing that data before you start putting together your script.

5.The Elevator Pitch Script

The basic aim of an elevator pitch is to highlight why a buyer or seller should choose you as their real estate agent, and every realtor should have one as a means of converting the best leads for real estate agents. The risk with these scripts if they’re done poorly is the realtor may come across as robotic and more exclusively geared towards his or her own interests rather than conveying a desire to help potential clients achieve the best outcome with buying or selling a home.

So your focus should be on coming across as genuine that way, and here’s an example of how to do that –

‘I just sold a property last week in this area, and it sold for considerably more than its original asking price. I am aware of you having a tight deadline for selling your property, and I believe I could put together a plan to get your property moving on the market and above the asking price based on what I’ve done for previous clients in similar situations.’

There can be any number of variations on that, but the overarching message will stay the same. And if clients are not so warm to what you’re saying, try this; tell them you completely understand the reservations they are having, but inquire further into why it is they have whatever specifics around selling their home and telling them that you may have a solution that better meets their needs.

What that will entail will depend on the prospective client, and again that’s something you’ll need to have done your homework on.

6.The Existing Acquaintance Script

It’s fairly common for a realtor to see that somebody who they have had previous contact with has put their property on the market. When this occurs it isn’t anything to be displeased about because it’s actually a great opportunity for you to connect again organically and hopefully make some progress into why they didn’t choose to work with you – yet.

This script is fairly straightforward when it comes to spoken real estate lead generation. Introduce yourself again, but don’t ask if they remember you. Instead proceed right into asking if they’d be agreeable with speaking to you about their choices and what they feel is their gain from choosing to not work with a real estate agent, or working with an agent beside you as the case may be.

Put the focus on a simple reconnecting, and as always let the person’s response dictate where you go further with it. And in the instance that they are working with a realtor there is nothing wrong with saying they can call you at a later date if that agent doesn’t meet their expectations about getting the house sold.

7.The To-The-Point Script

Every realtor will agree there are going to be instances where there’s no need to ‘beat around the bush’ as the expression goes. No doubt cold calling can be time consuming, so if there are reasons why you know that an individual IS going to be buying or selling a home in the near future you can cut right to the chase with efforts to ensure they do so with you as their real estate agent.

Here’s an example – ‘Hi, this is Gail from Castle Real Estate. I’m calling as my agency has some buyers who are interested in buying a home in the area and I’ve been made aware that you are considering putting your home on the market. Might I assume that being put in touch with these buyers right away might be to your advantage, and do you think it might be beneficial if I speak to your realtor about this possibility?’

Again, their response will dictate where you go next with your delivery, but this is an excellent way to get right to your intentions while still making it very clear that they are directly in line with what the would-be clients would want for themselves too and making them among the best leads for real estate agents.

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