Verbal Bloopers that new agents should never say

Published November 16, 2015 by Real Estate Leads

Surprised shocked woman face with open mouth

With the market in real estate having been back on the rise most everywhere, it is predictable that there are a “lot” of new agents out and about. If you are just trying out your new wings in real estate, this article concerns 4 things you shouldn’t say when you are chatting it up with prospects & clients.

Experienced agents will recognize these as rookie blunders. Maybe you have made similar ones before?

The example statements aren’t necessarily deal breakers. We included ideas on what you should say instead, immediately after you perhaps put your foot in your mouth. (Where did that expression come from anyway?)

A) Do your best not to say: “ I only check my messages during business hours.”

People today expect responsive agents, in today’s always connected world. We take our virtual offices with us, through our smartphones. Sure, you don’t want to be a smartphone slave either, but you must also display to your sellers & buyers that you will be there for them almost anytime, morning/afternoon or evening – or they most likely find an agent that is. Sure after 9pm, best to leave any messages for the morning.

Instead say something like this: How do you prefer to stay in touch? As your agent, I am here to answer all of your questions about your home buying and selling process. The best way to reach me is usually via … between the hours of .., but I stay alert to the needs of my clients always. If I do not respond immediately, you can expect to hear back from me within … # hours. Would this work for you?

B) Do your best not to say: “I don’t have a website. “

Not having an agent website in today’s web wide world is a high flying red-flag for many consumers. Leads don’t want to know more about who you work for, they assume you are working for them. They want to learn more about you, to see if you’re just the right fit to help them with the largest purchase of their lives.

Instead say something like this: Yes, please visit my website at any time to learn more about me. It is mobile-friendly too. You can check out new listings in the area and access the many resources that I have made available, over the years, to my clients including up-to-date neighborhood information plus so much more.

C) Do your best not to say: “I don’t do open houses. “

We all have learned that hard way that open houses don’t usually sell houses; however many sellers will expect you to plan and host at least 1 open house event. It is still a reasonable way to get your name out there and possibly greet and meet potential clients. Be sure to describe to your Sellers all the ways you will market their home, then your sellers will put less importance on open houses showings.

Instead say something like this: Certainly open-houses are one way to market your house. We can plan one if you choose. However, 90+ percent of buyers use the Internet during their searches, so I’ll be sharing your listing with the top real estate websites. I will also create a single-property-website for additional exposure, and that is like a “virtual open house” that will be open to online buyers anytime, anyday. Would you like that?

D.) Do your best not to say: “I will get you this house. “

Remember to under-promise and over-deliver. Are disappointed clients who had their hearts set on a certain house that you promised them are likely to give you a referral? Probably not.

Instead say something like this: I will do everything in my power to help you buy this house that you have fallen in love with. I suggest we start with you making an offer right away! If the offer is not accepted, we can talk about how we will proceed – in the event of a counteroffer. If your offer is accepted, then we will talk about the things that we expect to happen next .

Happy Selling!